New/Returning Pieces Hit Cartier Web Site USA

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  1. You have a "look" in mind of how you see your arm party... I think you already know the answer... second guessing yourself and your decision making process is not how you roll... I can tell by the choices you've already made... they are excellent ones. Keep up the grand work and start adding to the other arm. Yes, you will swap back and forth from one arm to another, but you will learn more about you that way.
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  3. Hi Rak24,
    Congrats on your diamond LOVE. I think you should keep the diamond Love and get the TB later.
    I always wear one LOVE bracelet and my tennis bracelet to work, gardening, golf, etc. and I honestly don't have any issues with the TB sliding under or over. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks!
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  5. If the loves are on the tighter side and the tennis is pretty fitted, may work. I find the loves hard to stack with anything else because they're so FLAT ... they're actually a very odd physical shape to play with. Maybe exchange one for rose or white if you want it to look more like two bracelets?
  6. I just spoke with a sales associate who answers questions as regards the Cartier eboutique. She let me know that while the extra large love bracelet is shown online it will not be available for purchase until February 1. The bracelet, bottom to top, is 9 mm and it’s 1.8 mm in depth. It will be available in size is 16 through 22. The white gold bracelet is not rhodium plated because it has no diamonds. HTH
  7. Wow, I ️ it!! Great choice
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  8. image.jpeg image.jpeg
    Visually in my opinion, the new XL cuff doesn't look as wide as the older model. Please review photos.
    Looks like there's less space from outer edge of circle screw(s) to the edge of the bracelet on the new XL.
    Humm, now I'm curious.....
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  9. Hi Everyone,
    I saw the posts about the new XL cuff. For those who are interested, I have the original XL cuff and it measures 11mm, as you can see in the picture. It was a special order by my sweet DH a few years ago. I hope this post helps clarify any questions one may have about the size differences between the original XL cuff and the new one. XLlove.jpg XLlove2.jpg
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  10. That's awesome !
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  11. Thank you Jim
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  12. You're welcome omniavincitamor
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  13. Is there a thickness difference between your version and the new version too?
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  14. Hi omniavincitamor!
    Thank you for sharing info on the XL cuff, 11mm.
    When I visited the boutique, the manager measured it at 11mm but I was all gaga at the moment and didn't give it much thought at that time.
    I finally (2 weeks) received my call yesterday, my XL arrived and I'll pick up on Sunday.

    I really see the size difference on your wrist between the three LOVES. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and I LOVE it!
    Not too sure why the "try on" XL looks more narrow on my wrist. Humm, maybe different color gold?
    Oh, oh.....I hope that's not the case!
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