Neverfull MM or GM?

  1. +1. I had an MM and got a GM for my second one thinking I could handle it... NO. Too big. Great if you want to use it for travel, maybe (and I don't mean just a weekend trip), but I found it too big for everyday. My stuff just jumbled around like it was in a pit. The MM is perfect and holds more than it looks like it should while still being managable.
  2. Thanks for posting this thread. I'm going to be picking up my Neverfull MM Ikat today!!!
  3. Yay! Hope you do a reveal! Can't wait to see it! 😊
  4. Thank you! I definitely will. I'm already planning how I want to film my YouTube review and what to wear for my first Outfit of The Day with it on my blog.
  5. I know I chose MM at first, but when it comes to using it as a baby bag, then the GM would be better IMO. When you stuff in a baby blanket, a change of clothes, diapers, maybe some bottles or snacks, you would fill it up. But for that, I would choose DE. My babies were always so wet! lol! Puking, drooling, leaking out of diapers. LAWD!
  6. So, I ended up ordering the mono print (again) in the GM. I'm a creature of habit. What can I say? :rolleyes:
    Although I LOVE the DE print on everyone else, I'm not sure if I love it on myself. Whenever I'd try the MM on in the store it seemed to be a bit small. I'm 5'7 and generally like larger bags. I don't want to use the Neverfull as my everyday bag (since I just got the Totally) so I think that it will be nice to have something in a larger size. Someone else commented that you can't make the MM larger but you can make the GM look smaller by cinching it & I def agree. I hope that I still feel the same way when it comes in the mail. I will try it on at home & figured that I can always return/exchange at that point if needed be. (I also think it's sad that I'm mainly buying the NF now so that I don't have to pay more after a price increase but I think it's such a staple piece & hopefully I won't be regretting this purchase).

    I wanted to thank you all for your input. It definitely helped! I am new to the forum & love the sense of community here. I don't have too many friends that understand or share my obsession with LV or handbags in general. Thanks again! :hugs:
  7. Yayyy!!!!! Happy you made a decision. I love the gm size, hope you love it also! The mono is more comfortable than the de. The de straps get heavy pretty quick. Congrats!
  8. One thing I like about the mono straps over the DE is they are softer. My GM NF was DE and the straps always sticking straight up bugged me. I hope I love ur bag!
  9. MM. It takes everything and it is not gigantic!
  10. Great choice! I'd like to get a mono NF GM one day.
  11. Thanks so much! :smile:
  12. I have the MM but would love the GM one day because of the way it looks cinched. Love. GM would be great for travel and baby bag in the future.

    Edit: Glad to hear you got the GM! Enjoy - the NF is such a handy bag to have.
  13. I have the GM and it is huge. It gets really heavy and painful sometimes due to the thin straps. But I really enjoy it, I take my Azur GM to the beach and have taken it on travel. It's a workhorse and goes with so much. Now that I look back, I should have gone with the MM. But the GM fits everything & a sweater, so it's up to you and what you will be carrying it for. My Azur one is a bit dirty but I don't baby it either. For a light color it def has been holding up well. Good luck.
  14. Congrats!! I have a gm mon monogram and love it!! Its the best size. But i do love big bags. I just carried it yesterday and spent hours at an outlet mall shopping with my son and it was so comfortable. I noticed you have a totally mm. I was looking into getting this bag possibly. Do you find it comfortable? Do you use it as an everyday bag? I want to get a new LV but am so torn which one. :smile: TIA!!!
  15. Thanks so much! 😀 I do have the Totally & I've been using it as an everyday bag. It's a great size for work. I really like having the zipper and all the compartments. The straps are very comfortable. I really have no complaints. I initially wanted the Totally GM which is discontinued so I settled on the MM. I was worried that it may be a bit small for my liking (as I'm also a fan of big bags) but found the size to be perfect for what I need on a daily basis (not too big & not too small). I'd recommend going to a store, if there's one nearby, and perhaps taking a few modeling pictures. I also ended up going with my friend and was able to get her advice and see how it looks like on her. I think that really helped. 📷👭👜👍