'Negotiating' the price of Caresse d'orchidées down at Cartier boutique

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  1. OMG LILACH!! Those two pieces are absolutely STUNNING! Are those yellow diamonds in the first pic? My eyes are spinning from those jewels! :lol:

    Bee Bee, I too would be tempted to join the Dark Side if I ever got to wear an HJ piece. My arrogance would probably shoot through the roof! :shame:
  2. oh thanks my dears
    oh and shu yes they are i have a love affair with fancy coloured diamonds since years :love:
  3. lilach, I'm in awe! Just exquisite.:love: :love: Fancy Yellow's are my favorites. And the watch!!!

    Bee Bee, that is SOME necklace! How fun that you got to play a little!
  4. WOW and WOW hope could i have missed this thread? complete opulence!
  5. thanks a lot happy you like it :flowers:
  6. bee bee
    how are things evolving?? i am curious to know :lol:
  7. Just about to say there is nothing wrong with your photo skill in watch pic but your cam just can't take it anymore, the light from the bling begs belief!

    I'm not going to post anymore pics (like my Topaz, Tourmaline Amethyst and some random green semi-precious Asprey necklace+earrings set I wore to work today) because you are going to beat me at everything:cry: :lol:

    I just thought about this, I need to take a 30% remortgage on my house to get that HJ Caresse, lol.

    I think you should start a new thread 'Post your coup de grace jewellery piece' and just post all your trinkets for all of us to drool!:roflmfao: I'm going to get my Caresse in two Thursdays time and only then I'll join you in that thread later, lol. Someone else post some pics of your jewellery, I'm running out of ideas here!!!

    BTW, lilach tomorrow Christie's have an auction on Princess Margaret jewellery have you any intentions in participating? There is some serious stuff going on, I have my eye on Cartier (Paris) 1911 Art Deco diamond watch, the guide price is not that bad but I'm not sure I can match the final price cos it's going to be OTT as usual.
  8. Bee Bee, how exciting! Please post pictures when your pieces arrive.
  9. Lilach your jewels are divine, how fun that you posted them for us!

    And I love that Cartier set that you're getting Bee Bee! Love it!
  10. i browsed the catalgue and there are some nice pieces indeed but i am just waiting for a delivery from my jeweler so i pass for this year :flowers:
    and yeah post pics once your orchid arrives :love:
  11. Oh Lilach!! Your pieces are stunning! :love: I would love to see more pictures of your fabulous collection whenever you are ready to share more!!
  12. Bee - that's a gorgeous set! Keep us posted. Can't wait to see pictures!
  13. OH MY G-D!!!!! * faints*

    Love this thread, thanks for sharing lilach, bee bee.:rolleyes: :heart:

  14. Your friend's necklace is beautiful, bee...bee! :love: The necklace I wanted is somewhat different: larger rubies and a ruby and diamond orchid.
  15. Umm wow... star sent me over this way and I am drooling so badly it is insane... ummm..

    When I do get married, bee-bee or lilach do you want to lend me my 'something borrowed'?? :graucho: