'Negotiating' the price of Caresse d'orchidées down at Cartier boutique

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  1. Great idea, Megs!! Lilach's pearls would be amazing..hehe :graucho: :graucho:
  2. how could i have missed this thread??!!! :rant:
    (now i should stop drama and enjoy :cool: )

    bee, thanks for starting this thread :idea:
    your friend's necklace is stunning!!!

    and lilach...
    i have always loved your inputs on the hermes thread but i will have nightmares after seeing your most F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S jewelry pieces, because i will not stop obsessing about them!!! :lol:
    (i almost forgot about hermes croc bags!!! :lol: )

    that pearl strand is TDF :love:
    the canary and white diamond necklace is just as :love:
    if you don't mind, how many carats is the FY (or is it FIY?) radiant diamond drop?

    please please please more pics of your fabulous collection!!!

    thanks so much!!!
  3. lilach, the custom-made watch is also from cartier?
  4. since i can't share MY collection, since i don't have any :cry: , let me just share this:


    photo: slaikjaer.com

    her pearls are also south seas
    - same as lilach's and just as perfect!

    and those diamond drops... :love: :love:
  5. ^^wow!!!
  6. I travel to Singapore frequently, and there is definitely a discount to be had in most high end jewellery/watch stores there. I remember going into the Cartier boutique to look at a watch, and the price they offered me was definitely discounted from the tag price........I can't recall the exact discount, but 20% sounds about right. In other stores that sell Cartier watches, 20-40% discount is possible, although to get 40% you have to be spending some serious money!! I tend to just ask straight out 'what is your best price' or 'are you able to give me a discount on this'. In Cartier, they will quote you the final price straight off. In other cartier-certified stores, the initial discount price is seldom their absolute final price, and it might take a bit more haggling to get the price down a bit more. HTH!
  7. Thanks a lot for your suggestions but we were a bit lame and only managed 15.1% discount to get to a nice round number but it was sort of OK together with the 5% GST refund (net is less than that). I have something to show you ladies though;) :

    1910 diamond brooch signed J.C. for Jacques Cartier with the left tassles added later. I got it at Christie's this month:greengrin:: [​IMG]

    Sorry for mobile phone quality with some serious amateurish photoshop (BTW, the paper it's on is supposed to be white:roflmfao:). I'll post a proper pic wearing it when I actually have someone to take a pic of me :cry: to make it more meaningful but the thingy is 12cm across.

    Thanks for letting me share:flowers: . I'll 'premiere' my Caresse on my wedding date as my 'something new.' So let's start a scaling-up war up to that date for fun:flowers:. Ladies please post pics of your jewellery to put me back in my place, I want to drool over your pieces too!(lilach, I dare you to come and beat me:graucho: ).

    I've been told this week on my trip afterwards to HK by a lady that my dress sense is plain diabolical and so unfashionable. Perhaps she is right because I have such an 'old-hag' brooch, lol!
  8. hy,

    I am looking for a boutique of TOKIDOKI in France
    :heart: I love tokidoki :love:

    If you will search one, can you answer me ? like this :
    I will be so happy :yahoo:

    Auf wieder sehen
  9. Lilach: OH.MY.GOD. :wtf:
    Bee...Bee: OH.MY.GOD!!!!

    I love your jewelry! The Cartier pearls have the most icredible lustre! It's like mirrors!

    Lilach: Can you please give me the specs on our diamond necklace? Is that a yellow radiant? I love the emeralds!

    Wow, everyone has some seriously beautiful pieces....thanks for sharing! :flowers:
  10. Pm
  11. Xx please read our rules.
  12. cartier VIPs gets 15% except for wedding bands, if you get someone to sign for you then you can get that discount without 'negotiating' I got my panther ring that way