'Negotiating' the price of Caresse d'orchidées down at Cartier boutique

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  1. oh thank you ladies :flowers: it is south sea pearls ranging from 18.11mm up to 21.17 mm weight total 59.14 mo. and i really really love it
    oh and you are right jewelry is just divine
    bee i love the tonneau watch in your avatar soo beautiful :love:
  2. Lilach, your necklace is just amazing. The clasp makes it even more special - thank you for sharing with us!

    Bee Bee - Oh my, that ruby set is incredible. I hope you can get it!
  3. how would go about asking for a discount at a high end jewlery store? I;m looking to get a bulgari ring (i'm in Australia) but does anyone know the discounts they offer and the rpocess it is done at
  4. when you decide abouet the ring you want just ask for the listprice. after that try the ring on again and ask for YOUR price. usually they make a good offer and then you take it.
  5. Thanks a lot for the moral support! We've already gone past the point of no return because we've voluntarily paid around $100,000 (the lady suggested:smile: ) as a gesture of goodwill and more importantly because it will hurry them up! I had some second thoughts afterwards (easy Tiffany) but my fiancé got fed up and mouthed 'Shut up, your only job is to wear it.' He's definitely a keeper.:noworry:

    lilach 60 momme:shocked: not counting the clasp, almost a quarter kilo pearl necklace...do you need a neck message after wearing this?:roflmfao: What's the difference between Tahitian and South Seas? I always think it's the same because Tahitian is in the South Seas.

    For shu and everyone else, I am going to embarass myself :Push: and show you my 12mm (max) Mikimoto strand, AA which is the third highest grade. You can see that the lustre is awful and the reflection is murky. Not to say that the disproportionate clasp is not diamonds but 58.5% platinum (actually this is a stopover because the original ornate clasp was cleaned and I can't be bothered to get it changed back yet:P ). Now I'm off for my reiki, shiatsu and zazen meditation to get jealousy out of my head:P

  6. i loooove the pearls of yours i adore the pale pale pink overhue they have sooo precious. thanks for sharing :flowers:
    but please please change the clasp :lol:
  7. beautiful jewelry ladies. just absolutely divine:love:

    and I'd also like to second that we see more high jewelry pieces in this thread:flowers:
  8. :lol:
  9. Lilach, that is a STUNNER! For me, this beats a croc Birkin. I would rather get this pearl masterpiece! Also love your engagement ring! You have a stunning collection.
  10. The Mikimoto 12mm! is gorgeous too. I don't know what you are talking about. All I could afford at that time when I bought my pearl was 7mm, and it's not even a Mikimoto. I would love to have your pearls.

    By the way, do you own the Tonne (?) watch in your Avatar? That is also gorgeous.
  11. ^^^ Went to a party (old boarding school gathering) and had a little déjà vu last night:winkiss: . One of my friend had this on (also asked her to get this off things they sent to her):

    sonya and lilach, is this the one you ladies are talking about?

    My friend was wearing white blouse with black pencil skirt to a full blown cocktail but lol, nobody in the entire room could take their eyes off her [neck]. Our set is OK if someone ask what’s the price of X and we knew she was 'slightly' well off but we collapsed and one of us dropped a glass (literally, not joking) when we asked her how much was it?

    The casual answer was: ‘I didn't care much because I was looking at something else when mum bought it but probably about three-quarters odd :wacko::noggin:.......

    (i.e.~$1,400,000, lilach is this about right?)

    As all good friends should do :roflmfao: she let us try it on in the ladies' room even then other people just stares at it. It weighs a tonne and feels like hanging a stuffed Kelly by the strap from your neck. But god!!! does it feel good or what!!! I was peeking at myself in the mirror and you can see how your face lights up when you put it on and stroke it (remember Lord of the Rings Gollum 'my preciousss' lol and it’s not even mine...), you get this little smirk and automatically put on your most arrogant face thinking you all should thank me because I look *$@% hot. This is actually a bit worrying because it for a moment I joined the ‘Dark Side of the Force’ and I have to say that wise ladies that have HJs have serious amount of restraint like Yoda:greengrin:

    A long useless rant but to sonya and lilach and other ladies who already own High Jewellery pieces, you really, really should be proud that you are seriously very lucky ladies:flowers: and if I sin slightly less maybe in the next life I may get a chance to upgrade from a pitifully puny strand and wear one for more than 30 secs, lol.

    tokyogirl, thank you loads for the moral support, but is there anything more potent than the shikantaza meditation to devoid my head of objects and content:roflmfao: ?
  12. heay what a nice experience. not it is not the necklace i wanted (mine was bigger more strands of rubies and pearshape diamonds and rubies dropping from the orchid basically an "upgraded" version of the one your friend has" oh my gosh that sound just wrong but you know what i mean:hrmm: :shocked: :lol: ) but yeah i love the necklace your friend has and the price is about right (a tad bit higher) ;)
  13. lOGANZ.......... Is it really true that you can negotiate the price in the above stores in Las Vegas?
    Over here in England you could never ever do that! xxx:love:xxx
  14. wow lilach. just wow. just a beautiful, headspinning piece of jewelry:love:
  15. blurry, no, blinding, yes! lol;) . You have exquisite taste in jewelry and I am not coming back into this thread because I am jealous :angel: