Need some advice - glue mark on my Celine bag

  1. definitely !! and the bag was brand new, can you imagine yourself buying a Céline bag with black marks ? not really... ;)

  2. I agree. All I know is that I never bought and sent a bag with those black marks. It's pretty easy to imagine that she spotted a tiny adhesive mark and created those black marks while trying to remove it without being careful enough. But I'm so afraid of Paypal, I read they are always on the buyer's side, meaning she would be able to send the damaged bag to me and get her money back .. considering the price that would be really painful
  3. After looking at the picture, I wonder if the buyer scrubbed so hard at the glue mark that she rubbed the dye off the leather.
  4. When did your auction end?
  5. How much time elapsed between delivery of the bag and her note to you? She might have accidentally damaged it, and is trying to get you to give her money back.
  6. The auction ended on July 22. I sent the bag the day after (I'm in France she's in the UK). She got it on July 25 and sent me the note on July 26
  7. Oh I feel for you :hugs:
    If there is anything I can do in the UK do let me know.
    I hope it works out, some buyers are SUCH a flipping nightmare.
  8. What does her feedback look like? Is there any indication she may have done this before? But you do have her messages saying she tried to clean it so the purse is no longer as you sent it, whether she did the original mark or not. I'm hoping this all works out for you.:flowers:
  9. It's a tough one because she has now altered the bag by trying to clean it...I probably would not let it drag out too long since she may do more to the bag..I think you mentioned she was going to take it to a leather expert? Now you have more hands on it and who knows what it will look like.