Need some advice - glue mark on my Celine bag

  1. Hi ladies,
    I just sold a brand new Céline trio bag (yellow) with tags attached and receipt. I had never used it before. I shipped the bag the day after. The buyer received the bag and sent me an email saying "Hi I got the bag, it lovely. But there's some sticky sticker marks on the backest pouch. I've wiped most of it off but there's a stubborn black mark still. Can I send you a photo".

    i'm sure there were no black mark when I sent the bag, If there were some sticky marks, they must have been tiny and invisible in terms of color, otherwise I would definitely had spotted them. My guess is that they turned black when they were wiped off... (often the case with adhesive marks).

    She sent me 3 pics with tiny black marks (on the yellow bag, so it's visible now). She just sent me the pics without asking anything.

    Any idea how I should react ? I guess I can't refund anything now that the bag has changed (she shouldn't have touched it, right ?)
    The best I can do is trying to find what product she can use to remove the mark maybe ?

    Thanks for your advice ladies, i never had any problems before :sad:
  2. Do you have any photos of that section of the bag that you can send to the buyer to show that the bag was not like that when it left your hands?
  3. Your buyer should not have touched the bag at all...

    At this point the buyer should assume responsibility for making a decision

    to remove the glue marks..

    Did she messge this to you thru eBay?? Let's hope she did..

    At this point the bag is not in the original condition that you sent it..

    And is it possible to look at your photos again to see exactly where the

    glue mark is that she is referring to..

    I would fight this one for sure..

    And if she did not send you the message thru eBay, think you should write

    something like I just want to be sure of your message that you removed the

    glue & now there is a stubborn black mark...

    Keep us posted
  4. Thank you very much for your answer :smile: The message was sent through eBay :smile:
    I really have tons of work but was kind enough to go to Celine at lunch and ask for tips, and found out what product they use in the store. I send her a super long message explaining everything I learned from the SA and all I got in return was not even a thank you or even a hello, but only a short "I have a cleaner, but the black marks remain".
    You're welcome.

  5. Ok now sh'es trying to tell me that I sent her the bag with black marks and that she's going to a leather specialist to ask for the price (and that of course I will have to pay)
    I was sure she was about to do something like that...
    What would you do ? opening the case yourself ? thanks a lot for your help
  6. Do you have auction pics of that part of the bag showing there was no mark when you had it?

  7. I would let the buyer know that she is trying so many things to remove

    the black marks on the bag & that you will not assume responsibility for

    this at this time.

    If this "leather specialist" should discolor the bag in some way, you

    can't be responsible for this..

    How bad are these marks to start off with??

    Do you have more pics of what she is referring to...

    And have you asked her for an "estimate" as to what this might cost

    before she goes ahead??

    And if you have given her the tips that Celine is suggesting, why the

    leather specialist...

    I think she is just trying to get some extra money out of this...IYKWIM
  8. She can't expect to return the bag once she's messed with it, and I wouldn't agree to a partial. It seems to me if she ruined it and returns it she should owe you money to have it fixed.
  9. Absolutely ! thanks for your answers
    my bag was brand new with tags and here is a picture she sent... with those little black marks (as if I would have bought a Celine bag with black marks on a pale yellow leather....).

  10. Is it my iPad or do I see black spots in th purse in the pic?
  11. Yes, this is the pic she sent me

  12. I took some pics of course for the listing but I'm not sure I have this exact angle unfortunately
  13. OP, you may have to take a vey strong position with this buyer...

    My concern is because this is such a light color bag the there might

    be color rub off from all the "hands" playing around with this...
  14. Could be transfer from something that was placed on the purse? Hard to say but I would think it would have been noticed before shipping out?
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