My (Very small!) collection

  1. Here's my new Mulberry Rosemary in Mauve...:love: :biggrin:
    It smells and feel divine!:love: :nuts: :lol:

  2. Very nice chicky! Love the color!
  3. Thanks!:biggrin:
    It was either this colour or the Oak and now i'm really pleased i went for this one, maybe i can get the Oak at a later date...:blink: :love: :nuts:
  4. i love the colour. its really different!
    is the bag really heavy?
  5. ooo, that bag is beautiful!!!!
  6. Very nice !
  7. Very nice start :biggrin:
  8. Great color! Congrats! The leather gets even better with use!
    Lavie, the bag is not heavy at all. I have one in oak and I use it quite often.
  9. I love the colour, and I've always wanted a Roxanne. It certainly is a way to start your collection off with a bang ! ;)
  10. That's a great start!
  11. That is gorgeous! I've never seen that color bag before.
  12. wow i looooove the color! it's perfect for spring.
  13. Not too heavy at all - a perfect size for a filofax, moby and large purse:biggrin:
  14. Pretty! I love the color.
  15. I have the same one! Isn't it an unusual color? I also have the Roxanne in oak but haven't used it yet and can't decide if it's too big for me....I do love the quality though of these bags....:amuse:
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