My (Very small!) collection

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  1. It's a fab colour and the quality is super - i think the mauve is very versatile as it almost has undertones of brown in it, so can be used for all seasons.
    What colour clothes do you find complement your bag?
    Is the Roxy much bigger?:biggrin:
  2. Love your Rosemary! What a gorgeous color!
  3. Great Mulbery ! Must be a good carrier for office day ,coz a lot pockets , so Functional , fab !
  4. Wonderful bag! Love the colour
  5. I'd rather have a small collection of something beautiful!!!! Congratulations
  6. nice colour!!!
  7. ooooo
  8. Thanks all for your kind comments:biggrin:

    Here's my next (Mulberry) bag which arrived this morning (I feel an obsession coming on lol):love:

    It's a lovely petrol bluey/greeny colour...the leather is not at all shiny, it's just so soft....:love: :love:

    I like it, i wanted it to be my summer bag, but i'm not sure if i like it enough to want to keep it arrived with a small nick in the leather...:blink:

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  9. Right, i've decided, it's faulty, so it's going
    I'm gonna wait for my credit note from Mulberry and then see what else i can find...:biggrin:
  10. Here's a better pic of my Mulberry bag, taken yesterday in better light...also a pic of my Radley Hobo...which is just great for everyday use:biggrin:

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  11. really love the rosemary in the maueve color

    the little dog on the radley tags are so cute
  12. I really love your Rosemary - how's it working out for you? I keep thinking about getting one.
  13. It's still in the i have tried it out for size and carried it around the house (when the OH isn't here!:shame: ) and it's great.....other than that, it's still sitting happily and safely in it's box...:P :biggrin: :love: :nuts:
    A recommended bag! x
  14. Yeah...the Radley is of really great quality leather (The one i've got here retails for £135) and it's huge!
    The good thing about this one is you can pull or release the blue ties at the side to make the bag smaller or larger. :biggrin:
  15. Your Rosemary is gorgeous, and I love the color. I can't decide on whether to get a Rosemary or a Roxanne, but your handbag is tipping the scale in favor of the Rosemary. Congrats on a lovely bag!