My (Very small!) collection

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  1. T-y-v-m - i would say, if you like a shoulder strap and handles, go for the Rosemary.
    If you want something a bit bigger and heavier, with no shoulder strap (but with the option of maybe adding a strap) then go for the Roxy.
    Personally, i know which one i like...but then i am biased..:P :biggrin:
  2. great colour! i think every girl/lady/women should have a pink bag!!!!! thanks so much for sharing!
  3. That is a very nice bag.
  4. The little dog on the Radley is so cute! Nice :smile:
  5. hehe its bigger than my collection which is currently zero bags (hopefully that will change in April though). I love the colour of your Rosemary its beautiful :love:
  6. ive got the brown one and love it
  7. it's the best bag.. i have it in blue and white
  8. That color is beautiful!!! Lovely choice.
  9. Gorgeous! Beautiful colour!! :smile:
  10. Thanks for your kind comments ladies.:biggrin:

    P.S Here's my new Mulberry Phoebe, in chocolate brown...:love: :love: :love:

    Attached Files:

  11. wow! it's beautiful! :love:
  12. love your mulberry...gorgeous!
  13. Hello Mulberry queen! :lol: Gorgeous choices! I like the chocolate phoebe a lot!

    Can I ask a dumb question...What's a moby?:shame:
  14. lol @ Mulberry Queen, reckon i should change my name!!:P :biggrin:
    Moby is a shortened slang version of a cell/mobile phone!:biggrin:
  15. You are the mulberry queen!! Nice collection!