My Very Own tPF Miracle! with Pics!

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Howz that ban?
Nov 6, 2006
I'll "Borrow" my DH's camera tomorrow and try to snap a few more--mine's busted :sad: I'll see what I can do!


Mar 3, 2007
congratulations :smile: and happy early christmas to you! so maybe santa doesn't exist, but what he stands for lives on in other people around us! i don't know any other way to say this but hummingbird, you're such a wonderful person!!

atg, i hope you get well soon!
Jul 1, 2006
New Jersey
ATG..what a beautiful story and a beautiful scarf. You wear it well. Good luck with your surgery.

Hummingbird, you are a truly kind and giving person. As Rose has by her avatar, this is a true example of pay it forward!! Give to give, not to receive. True generosity.

Thank you ATG for sharing sucha wonderful story and showing us all what the true holiday spirit is supposed to be.
Jul 9, 2006
that is a beautiful story.....hummingbird, what a sweet, wonderful gesture...truly given from the heart....enjoy ATG!! you deserve it!
Dec 29, 2005
:dothewave:I am sure Hummingbird enjoy the act of giving the scarf to you just as much as you enjoyed receiving it A-T-G!

Isn't it just fun all the way around! I am sure you will do something just as nice for someone else in the future. (maybe not purse/scarf related but, you know) May all of you have a joyful Christmas season. :dothewave: