My Very Own tPF Miracle! with Pics!


Howz that ban?
Nov 6, 2006
I joined tPF last year around this time, (Happy Anniversary to me :heart:) and have spent the bulk of my posting here at the "H" forum. I've found the ladies (and gents!) here to be supportive and kind and have enjoyed spending lots of time "visiting" with everyone.

I even got to have my "H" 'intro' with tPF members and just loved spending time with folks!

Every day I get to read wonderful stories of tPFers reaching out to one another to brighten a day, or celebrate some milestone event. I've so enjoyed seeing such generosity and love.

Today, I can write my very own tPF story!

Ages ago, Rose started a "Grail Scarf" thread where gals could post pics of scarves they were hunting for...that they NEEDED to have! While browsing that thread, I found the scarf I NEEDED to find! It was called "Trophese De Venise" and featured a beautiful pattern of marble mosaics and scenes from Venice. My reason for wanting this scarf? My husband and I spent our honeymoon there! It was my first trip over-seas and my very first trip to Italy--boy did I fall in love with Venice! The sights, the sounds, the smell...the feel of my feet on the pave stones...the hush of the churches, the joy of an early evening Ombra, eating polpette in a bar, getting caught near the Realto in the rain and running, slipping back to St. Mark's Square for a drink at Harry's was the first time my DH and I took a long trip together and we had so much fun! We relaxed (he NEVER relaxes!) and talked and laughed! And now, just thinking of Venice makes me smile, no matter how rough my day is, I can just think of my time there and remember how sweet life is and how fortunate I am!

You can see why I wanted this scarf, right?!

So, I began digging through eBay, no luck. Fellow Grail Scarf Hunters would forward me listings for the scarf but, the colors would be wrong, so I waited.

During a routine check up my doc and I were discussing my rising frequency of asthma attacks and how serious this problem was becoming. My DH and I talked about replacing the carpets with hardwood floors and the like...expensive the scarf goes on hold and we start saving.

Then, I fell and busted my knee and went through rehab..and dodged surgery. Four months later, I was visiting family and playing with my little brother and fell again, fractured a bone in the same knee. Ouch. More work and rehab and sitting in the house getting frustrated. Then, on Halloween, I tripped on my own stupid stairs and fell AGAIN! (I swear, I'm not this clumsy, normally!) which just insured I'm going to need a dang surgery after all.

DH and I decide that with upcoming bills and loss of work, the Holidays are going to be tiny this year.

Then I see a new post in the "Grail Scarf" thread. Hummingbird posts that she has a "Trophese De Venise" scarf that she's never even worn and offers me this scarf if I like the colors. Hummingbird PM's me that the pics are posted in the I look and I melt. It's JUST what I was looking for! It's delish and divine! I'm going to have to have it!

She offers it at a fantastic price but, I'm worried and I'm going to have to ask DH if we can swing it...maybe I can ask for this instead of a Christmas? DH was stuck working very late, so I PM Hummingbird ask if I can get back to her the next day.

She PM's me and tells me that I can have the scarf. It's obviously a "Grail Scarf" and she'd be delighted to know that it's gone to a good home and will be worn.

I'm shocked, I'm stunned...she can't be serious?!....she is.

My very own Grail Scarf Fairy sent the scarf on Monday and DH went to pick it up at the post office. It's next to me right now as I type.

When I was 12, I found out that Santa Claus wasn't who I thought he was and I was shattered by it. My Mother sat with me and told me that although the cartoony, jolly, fat man wasn't 'real'--that spirit of generosity was. Sometimes, she told me, miracles do happen.

She was right, they do.

Thanks Hummingbird, for my very own tPF miracle. Love to you and yours!


Howz that ban?
Nov 6, 2006
Sorry for the length of that post...shesh! I do go on don't I?

Here's a pic!



Howz that ban?
Nov 6, 2006
I hope you guys liked my story! And my pics! DH took the pic and has been giggling with me since I got the scarf! He keeps saying "How can I top that?" but, with a smile...'cause he's kidding and is just as touched as I am.


ASO The Today Show
Nov 3, 2006
wow atg! what a wonderful story! hummingbird is a truly wonderful person. the scarf looks just beautiful you- especially because it's so meaningful! tpf, esp this forum, can be a really wonderful place. thank you both so much for sharing this story with us!
May 27, 2007
I'm almost crying as I read this...such a sweet thing for Hummingbird to do for you! Love the Purse Forum!


Mar 6, 2006
OMG ATG!!!! Hummingbird!!! That is so sweet, I am crying! So happy for you sweetpea and *hugs* to Hbird!!!:girlsigh: What a wonderful thing!


Bag Lovah
Sep 11, 2006
What a beautiful heart warming story!!! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. The scarf looks BEAUTIFUL on it. I know you will treasure it forever. Congrats and hope you are feeling better.

Hummingbird-You are a beautiful person!!


Pay it Forward
Jun 15, 2006
A-T-G, what a wonderful story. Hummingbird, you are a lovely and kind lady.