my treninos from loehmanns

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  1. i can't believe i bought both!!! i loved them too much. they had another foresta and citta rosa trenino and they were just as beautiful! i had a really hard time choosing between the two citta rosa ones. i might have liked the front of the other a smidgen better (it had the pink haired girl and biker chick underneath the zipper - all bright pink goodness!) and the back was very similar to this one but the girls' heads were cut off and i thought this one looked great!


    they also had like 4 citta scuolas and a couple citta treninos too!
  2. very nice! :biggrin: they both have great print placements to me. congrats!
  3. which loehmanns is this? do they do a charge send at all?
  4. the loehmanns i went to were northbrook court and oakbrook (both in illinois). the phone numbers are on their website. i think there are two other loehmanns in illinois and they probably got them in as well. call and check if they chargsend. it wouldn't hurt!

    i also read on livejournal that the loehmanns in houston got a shipment in as well.
  5. damn where are all of these treninos suddenly coming from?! and i have to say your foresta trenino owns mine! lolz they're both soooo pretty! how much did u get them for?
  6. i will sell my soul to simone legno. :wondering
  7. Loehmanns in Milpitas had some on Thursday, I'm not sure if they still have some because they didn't get that much in to begin with, but it's worth checking them out. I know they had citta and citta rosa treninos for 194.99, citta scoulas(sp?) for 114, bracialettos for $20-ish.... and others but I forgot.
  8. OMG hoot I :love: your placement on the foresta... you make me really want one now :Push: but I have to save... I have to.... ahhhhh so sad :cry:
  9. thanks everyone! do you see why i had to buy them both? do you like my citta rosa or do you think i should have bought the one with the girls on the front, and then their heads cut off on the back? hmm, i shouldn't be second guessing.

    yeah, they were $194.99 but i had signed up online for their insider club a couple weeks ago and was mailed a 15% off coupon so i got to use that on my entire purchase. they also had caguros for $69.99. i saw lots of scuolas and a couple bellas. they also give you insider coupons to use starting june 12. i get 20% off my purchase at that time. i'm so hoping they get more tokis in!!!

    i posted somewhere that i missed the shipment by a half day! the sa said they had a ton of foresta pieces but the trenino and canguro were the only items left. i so wish i had gone earlier like i had planned! i'm not complaining because i've been wanting a trenino for a long time. i'm just sayin'!
  10. oh, i forgot to add... i do not know where loehmann's are getting their lesportsac from, but it's unbelievable.
    the straps were all still wrapped with the tissue band like they were never even sitting out anywhere before they got to their store.
    i know when i order from macys or nordstroms, they come in plastic and all the straps are wrapped with tissue by the "buckle".

    also, i saw three foresta treninos and they all had very similar print placements underneath the front zipper. the differences came above the zipper and on the back. but still, they all looked good!
  11. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, your Foresta trenino is PERFECT!! It's the best one I've seen!!! And I think your Citta Rosa one is awesome too! I love how it's all "city" on the front!!
  12. thanks, maya! yeah, i liked the idea of having the city scene with the smiling airplanes on the front, especially when being used as a carry on. i also have a soft spot for the smoke stacks in love!!

    oh, and i usually don't like my bags to be the same front and back, but in the case of my foresta, it didn't bother me at all!
  13. bubblesung, i just saw a picture of your foresta trenino and i think it's it's awesome!
  14. your treninos are so cute!! i've got to head up to loehmanns soon, i want something in citta rosa or foresta too!
  15. I just called the Loehmann's near me and learned that not all Loehmann's carry LeSportsac - mine in Bellevue, WA doesn't due to an "agreement" with LeSportsac....I wonder if it is because there is the outlet nearby...that is what the manager told me. Bummer....