my second trip to hermes

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  1. i swear i'm not going to document every time i go in.

    i went today to pick up the necklace to go with my pegasus (pics are coming). looked at all the scarves, chatted with the SAs (one gave me tips on how to make a lasagna), saw a birkin and kelly up close and figured out some sizes (they're smaller than i thought irl).

    went to the post office, food shopping, etc. got home and thought "oh i have to take off my boots!"

    turns out- I WAS WEARING TWO DIFFERENT BOOTS! omg! One black square toe and one brown round toe. HOW HUMILITATING! i went in to HERMES and CHANEL with 2 totally different shoes on. OMG i am so embarassed.

    sorry, just had to share.
  2. OMG!!! i just laughed out loud and the dogs looked at me funny. that is hilaaaaaaaaarious!!!!!!!!!! i'm so sorry....but that is just too too funny!!!! ur story is too cute! thanks so much for sharing!!
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    everything from the lasagna tips to the mismatched boots is hysterical.

    ps yes Hermes bags are tiny delicate little things. the 35 is really not as big as it seems at all. the 28cm Kelly is cute but smaller than i thought. a very ladylike bag. even the cadenas are small. haha pictures really magnify everything, dont they?
  4. lol,.. thats so funny!
  5. here are the pics. you can tell i already refolded the ribbon wrong.

    for anyone wondering it's the black quitte ou with gold in the gm size.
    IMG_3813.JPG IMG_3803.JPG IMG_3805.JPG IMG_3812.JPG
  6. i saw a 32 kelly and a 30 birkin and they were small! i thought they were both 28s. boy was i corrected. oh but i checked out all the scarves. i picked out the two i want if i ever get one. lol.

    i am still mortified though. how did i not realize?
  7. hlfinn, that is so funny, but I'm laughing with you, not at you.

    I would not think a thing of it. We all have days like that, and, it seems that you have made a wonderful impression at Hermes based on your personality....and even if your fashion sense was just a little unusual today, it's YOU people remember, not what you wear.

    I doubt anyone even noticed.
  8. aw thanks guys. i seriously never get embarassed. i mean, i'm not really that embarassed now- not when it makes a good story. but still. it was HERMES. i wore a nice-ish outfit, put on makeup and then boom, 2 different boots. even when i was putting them on i thought "wow, that one went on so much easier than the other. hmmm" and never even looked. that'll teach me to have a pile of boots in my house.

    i called my mom and she told me how she no longer has any sneakers because they lost her luggage on a trip over christmas and she had brought 1 of 2 different pairs of sneakers. LOL. so now she has no pairs!
  9. So funny. I know that feeling. I've done the same with shoes but never made it into Hermes and Chanel. Too funny!

    Love your Pegasus.
  10. beautiful necklace!!!!
    i want one myself but on a long silver chain like hermesbb has. she said the chain was only $80 at Hermes/ anyway, still want it! lovely and congrats!
    yes, the 30cm is so short!
  11. LOL!!! That sounds like something I would do! I almost left for work once still wearing my PJ bottoms! Had the keys in my hand and everything LOL!! I like that you can laugh about it and it does make a great story!! BTW-I love the pegasus.
  12. ooh what chain? there was a cheaper chain? now i find out? help! lol.

    i do love this necklace but it's a little too complicated for someone like me. someone who leaves the house with 2 COMPLETELY different shoes. lol

    pgn- omg thank goodness you caught that. i always walk out without my glasses in the morning. then i'm like "hey, why can't i see?" and go back and get them.

    is it not normal for hermes SAs to give cooking tips? LOL. we were seriously talking lasagna for a long time. she thinks i'm a cheater because i plan to use no bake noodles.
  13. That is hysterical! Congratulations on your beautiful necklace! Wear it in the best of health!
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:Ok I love the necklace, but the boots story is really worrying...!

    That said, if you need some more tips to cook good lasagne, I'm half Italian, and I've been living in Italy for the past 17 years, so let's eventually talk about it. You never's just in order to have lasagne end up in a better way than the way you wear your boots...:shame:
  15. LOL that is funny -- great story! One day I was about to leave and grabbed my empty purse that I meant to put my things into...thankfully I didn't leave the house....