My Purple People Eater aka lrg Madison Shoulder

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  1. stunning!!!!!:d
  2. Huge and lovely
  3. Beautiful :smile:
  4. Congrats!!!!
    I love the Purple!!! She looks great on you!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  5. Beautiful Bag. I'm loving the Shoulder bag. I hope Coach will do more colors.
  6. I came back, she is just HOT!!!!!!.......I have another one coming next week!!!!
    CONGRATS again!!!!
  7. such a great color and it looks great on you!

  8. What bag is that?
  9. You know what? I didn't like this bag prior to this reveal. I absolutely LOVE the way it slouches when on the shoulder! I think it's the perfect bag for me! I want one now!
  10. large Madison Shoulder bag, item 15958 B4/PX brass/purple. At the time I ordered it JAX was showing 80, but I'm sure theres more. I don't trust Coach and their #s lol

    *edit* 3K :yahoo: took me long enough ehehe
  11. Wow! That looks great on you! It totally suits your style and you make it look so modern.
  12. LOVE your thread title......seriously ladies, quiddit with all these GORGEOUS purple beauties and these HOTTT Madison shoulder bags!!! My money tree simply cannot grow quickly enough!! ;):graucho:

    Your bag is fabulous and she looks great on you nawth21! Congrats!!
  13. i LOVE this bag! normally i stray away from purple but you make it look so good. it looks fantastic on you and the bag is TDF!!
  14. OMG

    happy dance time
  15. Looks great on you....for some reasons in other reveals it looked so much larger