My Purple People Eater aka lrg Madison Shoulder

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  1. I love this puppy. Love love love :P I think she needs accessories though. Just a few quick iphone photos, I'll do better ones when I pick up a mirror this weekend. By the time I snapped the last shot I realized the back of my phone was dirty LOL whooops

  2. Very nice! Looks great on you.
  3. GORGEOUS!!!! This bag may sway me to like gold hardware. LOL! She looks fabulous on you!
  4. LOVE HER!!! She is stunning!!! Hmmmm----now I am thinking...I NEED ONE TOO!
    Congratulations on your gorgeous new bag!
  5. Love it girl! I need to get me a leather one as well! It looks gorgeous on you! Congrats!!
  6. Thanks!!! I seriously paid this bag no attention, and then I saw the purple Sophia in store and the brown madison shoulder was in stock so I tried her on and saw a lot of potential there :P Got her yesterday and had to switch right there in the store. Here's a little less blurry photo of just the bag

  7. Your pics are great! Congrats on your new bag. These pics should help iuvcoach see that she needs to keep hers too :P
  8. This is a very roomy bag and the color TDF...congrats
  9. Love the color and the bag! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! :drool:
  10. I can't believe I'm going to say this because I normally LOATHE large bags - but that is FREAKING STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! It's the first one of the B-I-G bags that I've liked.

    Maybe it's you doing the bag justice in this case but you wear it SO WELL!! It doesn't look like it the bag is wearing you - you are rocking this bag. And the color - WOWWWWW!!!

    Absolutely freaking gorgeous.
  11. This bag looks awesome on you. I love the color of this bag. Congrats.
  12. WOOO HOOO, Beautiful bag and color. She looks wonderful on you!
  13. I love this bag...
  14. ^^ ITA agree Crissy!! It's all about how you "ROCK IT"!! It totally shows on how you carry a bag if you LOVE IT!! :yahoo:
  15. Nawth21- The bag is stunning!!! And it looks GORGEOUS on you!!! CONGRATS on your new lovely!!! :yahoo::woohoo: