My Purple People Eater aka lrg Madison Shoulder

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  1. Love it too...the purple is so pretty. You look fabulous carrying her.....
  2. Dagum, that thing is beautiful! I really want to love it, but as a Kentucky expat living in Louisiana, I just can't bring myself to carry a purple bag with brass hardware. Now, if they made a blue one with nickel, that would be a different story altogether... ;)
  3. That is really gorgeous. Love the color!
  4. Well, if the Vikings weren't an embarrassment this year.. ;) I would have titled the thread Skol Vikings LOL

    Thanks for all the responses! I can't wait to take her out on the town one of these days.
  5. I was wondering if this is style # 15958 ?
  6. Lovely bag and congratz! I wish these Madison shoulder bags had silver hardwares :biggrin:
  7. Yep!
  8. Looks great on you and thanks for the pics.
  9. That is gorgeous. Congrats! So many great bags came out with this update, it makes it hard to maintain my limit. :nuts:
  10. I want this one! Great choice!
  11. WOW GORGEOUS BAG!!!! love the size and color. i have not been able to look at the fall bags at all in person so i have a question about the madison... hope it makes sense. before i liked the line but had too many issues with color fading. the newer bags look almost like the leather on the hamptons lindsay bag or some others. like the leather wont fade as easy. i cant tell for sure can you or someone tell me if i am right? thanks so much.
  12. I've owned past Madison bags (sabrinas that did fade) and the Lindsay. It feels like neither of those leathers, well maybe more so like the Lindsay than the past Madison bags. This bag has a very smooth, slick feeling to the leather. Does not scratch as easily as the past Madison bags. I'm pretty confident in saying that I don't think this color will be prone to fading like some of the past Madison colors were.
  13. I like it!!
  14. I love it! It looks really nice on you too! Suits your style! Congrats!!!

  15. yay!!!! great i hope it doesnt,id love to pick up a few of the newer madison bags. i love your,and the brynne. it looks great on you,awesome awesome bag! thanks for taking the time to let me know-:smile: