my new lady dior-2012 early spring color

  1. Great photographs and bags!!!
  2. very nice color.i love your bag.
  3. I envy that you can pull off such a gorgeous bright color. It looks beautiful on you. Grats on your lovely new bag!
  4. Is tHe teal blue a medium size? Plan to get one really soon
  5. Thanks for sharing your lovely new purchase, beautiful Color !

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  6. beautiful bag! congrats, love the color for spring!
  7. Wow! Just stunning! Congrats!
  8. Your bag is absolutely stunning!
    Random Q: Despite the beautiful color of your Lady Dior, is it hard to mix & match it with your outfit? Thinking of getting one, but scared that I won't use the bag as much! Thanks :blush:
  9. wow.. just breathtaking. this color is so amazing!! :love:
  10. Wow gorgeous Color
  11. i love ur lady dior colour, so beautiful ;)
  12. Hi!
    Thanks for your comment and sorry for not replying earlier!
    I think it goes great w/ white or black outfit or one piece!
    Don't worry about the mix and match thing;)
  13. I think it is the medium size;)
  14. Oh my... I am speechless! That's such an amazing colour!
  15. The more I see the photos, the more I want to swap my red patent LD for this!