my new lady dior-2012 early spring color

  1. my new lady dior-2012 early spring color!

    Just got it!

    And a group pic with my pink lady dior!

    Happy New Year!
    DSC02651.jpg DSC02652.jpg DSC02653.jpg DSC02655.jpg DSC02657.jpg DSC02659.jpg DSC02660.jpg DSC02661.jpg DSC02662.jpg DSC02686.jpg
  2. Stunning color!!! WOW! :smile: I'm jealous!!! :smile:
  3. The colour is to die for! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your gorgeous new bag!
  4. gorgeous colour! definitely a sprig of colour for the new season! congratulations!
  5. I love your medium Lady Dior in that Teal Blue. Do you mind me asking what country you purchased them? I'm planning to buy one myself but I'm wondering how much the medium size is in US Dollars. If you don't mind telling me the price, I would appreciate it very much! :smile:
  6. Lovely! Congrats. which boutique did she come from?
  7. in France. and it was 2200€, hope you get yours soon:smile:
  8. somewhere in Paris :p
  9. Thank you!
  10. :p :p:p
  11. That's why I couldnt resist it:p:p:p thank you!
  12. Congratulations on your beautiful bag! Seeing your pictures makes me think that Spring is here :biggrin:
  13. I think Dior boutiques worldwide need to stock up on gift boxes for bags what with all us tPF Dior members having ours giftwrapped for presents to ourselves :lolots:
  14. congratz!!!
    what a beautiful color!
  15. Stunning! One of my favourite colours from Cruise 2012. :smile: