My New Boston-So Happy

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  1. I think Red Clover posted mod shots for me and that is when I decided to get one. She looked great with it and the color of hers was fabulous. At least I think it was red clover.
  2. I measured my bag for you so these may not be the same as the official ones but the Boston is:

    It measures almost the same length as my Bal City. The other dimensions are different.
    Crazybagmo is going to post more pics for me when I make them today and I will show the whole bag. It is no longer on the Bal web site and since I have tried to find one they have had only a black and red and apparently those have been bought. As I said, crazybagmo told me where she saw one and I called the store. The SA looked at future shipments for me and set this one aside even before it was shipped. I think there may be a black Boston on the NM site.
  3. Thanks so much for the info! Can't wait to see more of your pics. In the meantime I'll search for Red Clovers pics.
  4. One more picture with my Boston. This was made in the morning light so the bag appears lighter than it is. The lighting is producing some taupe tones which the Boston does not have.

  5. More pics

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  6. :flowers:

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  7. Thanks for posting for me!!!
  8. is boston the same as twiggy?
  9. no I don't think so
  10. No, the Boston isn't the same. I honestly don't know the differences but was told by a SA there are several differences but I did't ask what they are.
  11. Lovely bag congrats!
  12. thx
  13. are boston bags still available? i dont see any on their website
  14. During the search for my Boston I found they are hard to find. Balenciaga had two colors of the Boston at one time, black and red. They no longer have those. I asked about the bag on the forum when I saw a pic of it and crazybagmo told me she had seen the boston at a Nordstroms in Sacremento. Red Clover also sent a pic of hers and it is beautiful. I called the store and she had some Bostons but not in the color I wanted. I think she had red at the time. Talia (the SA) told me they are diffiult to find. She researched the new bags they were getting for 2014 and found they were going to be shipped one gris pyrite so she put it up for me before it shipped. Her store only received one. When I was looking at one time NM had the Bostom in black. I can give you Talia's information if you want to pm me.
  15. NM now has a black one as I said and a beautiful pink one.