My New Boston-So Happy

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  1. thx for the info

    i think im leaning toward a twiggy
  2. It's gorgeous, it looks a tab smaller than the maxi twiggy. Can we have some mod pic plssss pretty!!
  3. Bumping this thread to see how the bag is holding up. Is it getting slouchy or maintaining its boston bag structure. I am interested in this bag, but would want it to slouch a bit.
  4. I would also love to see mod shots. I'm a shorty and am wondering where this bag will hit me. If it has the same strap length as the velo and town, then I can't do it.
  5. Congratulations, Izzy! Beautiful bag. Do you know if Boston comes with classic hardware?
  6. I found one! It should be here sometime this week. Can't wait!!!
  7. #37 Mar 4, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2014
    I carried mine again today and it does slouch. Yes, in my opinion it slouches quite a bit and I don't think it is a bag made to hold its shape. ANother good thing about it is it holds a lot of things. However, I would rather have someone else's input and not to rely on my opinion alone.
  8. Can't wait to see it so please post pics of it!!! What color did you get?

  9. No, I do not know that. One of my friends found one at the Bal shop in NYC and hers has the gold hardware also. I asked her if she knew and she said they had so few she didn't see any with classic. She only had two to choose from. She and I both agree they must have the Boston with classic hardware. One of the SA's said they are getting more requests for the Boston than they can supply. My friend's Boston is a 2013 model.
  10. I'm getting the Gris pyrite, too. It says it shipped so it should be here in a few days. I'll post pics.
  11. There is one with classic on Nieman Marcus site.

  12. So excited for you!! Can't wait for you to see it. I carried mine yesterday and it was wonderful with loads of things in it but not heavy. It has just the right amount of slouch for me.