My New Boston-So Happy

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  1. My new Boston bag arrived today with the help of a very nice SA ,Talia,
    at Nordstrom's Sacramento. It is gris pyrite and I love the color, soft, not boring with giant gold hardware. The strap is a huge plus for me. The leather is beautiful with wrinkles but nicely thick. Love the style!

    Well, as usual, I can't post the pictures but I love it. Will try to post later.
  2. yes it would be great to have some pics.
  3. Would love to see pics as well. I'm loving this style and was wondering how long the strap is. The town and velo straps are too long for me.
  4. Hi saira,
    Wish I could post the pics as well but I have tried several more times and have done everything suggested. However, I did measure the strap for you but mine is not as long as the Velo strap. The leather part is 38 inches long with the hardware being 2 inches on each end. It can be adjusted to a shorter length, probably taking about 4 inches off the length. The bag is great and the leather is beautiful on mine. Hope you find what you like.
  5. Thank you for that information!
  6. Izzy,

    You finally managed to get your Boston bag! Congrats!
    Really hope to see your pics... :smile:
  7. I did finally get one. Crazybagmo put me onto Nordstrom in Sacramento so I called and found a SA who helped. Without her I wouldn't have gotten it. Her store only received one and she called me immediately. Since we talked, I have checked online everywhere and couldn't find one. Never thought this would be so hard to find. Love the style. Wish you could see the pics!!
  8. :useless:

  9. Congrats on your rare find! So happy for you! :smile:

    I love every aspect of the Boston bag: the crossbody straps for handsfree convenience, its size for the ample space, the not too long-looking handles, double zippers and the absolute cuteness of its rounded shape....
  10. Hi Izzy!

    I hope you don't mind me posting pics of your bag.

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  11. Thanks for posting for me crazybagmo and for your advice as well. Wouldn't have found it without you!
  12. True! But now there are pics!!!
  13. lOVE the color! Any possibility you could post a mod shot??? Please :graucho:
  14. What are the dimensions? I can't seem to find it on the bal site
  15. lovely bag