My Mini Cartier Haul!

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  1. Thank you so much! That is very sweet!
  2. Thank you! You should get the Thin Love if it makes your heart sing!
  3. What's the price wise on the thin love ? If you don't mind me asking. Are they less than the original love?
  4. YG and RG are $4,050. WG is $4,350. The classic in YG and RG are $6,300. The classic in WG is $6,750.
  5. Thank you i went and check on the web hmmm ??!! For the price. Think its worthed to buy the thin one for that price? Where you Can get a excellent pre Love for classic Love for a Little bit mote[emoji765]?
  6. Kind of an odd question since she owns three thin loves don't you think?! It was worth it to her which is why she owns them. I own two and it was worth it for me too. I think it's worth it if you love the thin version which I do. I chose it for style preference not because it cost less. Matter a fact two thins cost more than the classic so it's not like I saved money. I didn't love the classic as much on me. Of course if you really want the classic size then the classic is way more worth it because you love it. I personally prefer to purchase directly from Cartier although I think nothing is wrong with purchasing preloved if you can guarantee authenticity.
  7. This!!!
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  8. Can you add more photos of all three together? You have me seriously contemplating adding a YG and a RG to my WG :cool:
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