My Mini Cartier Haul!

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  1. I don't have a tape measure handy but will let you know my wrist measurement when I do. And the thin loves fit the same as the classic. I have since added a JUC and Trinity ring. I'm tying all of the collections together now!
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  2. Thank you! My SA always assures me that the thin love was created for me lol. It is a great model for people that are more petite. And you should definitely get one. I adore all of mine!
  3. Can we please see a Cartier collection pic? What did you end up doing for the JUC ring sizing and what finger did you pick?
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  4. I will post a collection pic soon. I ended up going 2 sizes down on the JUC ring and wear it on my LH ring finger. It is hard to get over the knuckle, but I never take it off anyways. If I go up one size, then it is too loose and has too much movement.
  5. Would loveeee to see more pictures of your thin loves as I am interested in getting to stack with my regular size love! They look so gorgeous on you!!!
  6. Thank you! I will post more pics soon.
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  7. @karly9 My right wrist measures 13.5 cm right below the wrist bone.
  8. @yogamamaloves Here is my current collection. Enjoy!

    JUC ring in RG, Trinity ring, Trinity cord, & Love cord

    Love ring in WG & Thin Loves in YG, WG, & RG
  9. You are so sweet for getting back to me! My wrist is 14cm. Your bracelets look fairly snug. Is there any room below where the bracelet hangs down? Otherwise I may need the 16 :smile:
  10. There is still some room but not a ton of movement. Here are some pics to help you decide.
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  11. Thank you @Violet Bleu ! These pics are really helpful - I have the Tiffany T with diamonds wire bangle in small, and there is exactly as much extra room as you have. The Tiffany can almost spin at times, so mostly likely will need 15. Posting this in case it helps anyone else for reference. Congrats again on your lovely stack!
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  12. congrats and they're all beautiful
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  13. Thank you so much!
  14. Great modeling pics! You should be a spokesperson for the thin love, you've convinced me to run out and get one!
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  15. Your stack is so beautiful and gorgeous!:loveeyes::loveeyes:
    I, too have been wanting RG and WG. My parents had promised me the classic love bracelet for my college graduation gift recently and after trying on the classic, I felt that it looked too chunky/flashy on me. After the SA showed me the thin love, I've been obsessing over it! I'm very petite and my wrist has always been super skinny so I think the thin would work out better for me (I tried on size 15). Every now and then I lust over the original love bracelet but seeing your pics makes the thin love bracelets look just as lovely.
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