My Louis Vuitton got stolen!!! OH MY GOSH!

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  1. I'm so devastated right now :sad:. I still think it's just a nightmare :crybaby:but it isn't, it's a reality. I was working at my salon today, a girl came in & stole all my Louis vuitton (my purse). A few hours later I found out my purse was gone and I went crazy. I called the police, the credit company & my bank as well. But the worse is that my Damier papillon, MC porte tresor, Vernis cles & mini pochette are gone. I just can't describe the feeling when I found out they are gone. I told the policeman I dont' care about my money, all i care are my LV. I wished that b**** tossed my stuff in the dumpster somewhere so I can pick them up.

    OH MY GOSH! :shrugs:what will i do? They were everything I have. I saved every penny of it. I earned my own stuff. Now I have to save money to buy everything back including my Ipod video as well. I felt 1/2 of me is gone. It's LV love you know. Only you guys can understand me. I just needed to vent out. What will I do without my louis vuitton? the suck thing is that my MC wallet is practically brand new and my lovely vernis cles.

    THIS IS THE WORSE DAY OF MY LIFE. Thanksgiving is coming up...why does people do this? arent they suppose to give thanks and be nice to others?

    This used to be my lovely collection. I was so proud of it.
  2. First and foremost i'm glad YOU were not harmed.
    second my heart ache for you send love hugs your way. so sorry this happened to you.:sad: please keep your head up.:flowers:
    and don't worry KARMA is a B***H!! she will get hers.
  3. OMG! There are no words. What kind of salon do you work at? Hair? If so, was she a client? Do you have ANY information on her you can give the cops to help?

    I feel soooo bad for you. This just SUCKS!
  4. I am soo sorry this happen to you, was this girl a client? does the salon have her info? I hope they find your, i hope you feel better.
  5. do you have any idea who the girl was? did anyone and i mean anyone see something? if i had an idea who it might be i would probably confront the person but i ama very direct person and you might not want to go that route. did you have any department store cards? thats how the caught the girlfriend of the guy who stole my car. the stupid B***h tried to walk into saks and use my card and they busted her.
  6. (((((purselover))))), I am soooo sorry this has happened to you. How upsetting. I don't know why people do the things they do.
  7. WHAT A SCUMBAG:cursing:! Perhaps there are surveillance cams inside or outside the salon to nab this bia*ch? The LV bags were dear to you, but at least you were unharmed!
  8. I am so deeply sorry- I gasped when I saw the title of your thread. Thank GOODNESS you weren't harmed, to keep things in perspective, but that's awful that your treasures were stolen. I hope they catch this troll and as someone else stated, karma will get her in the end!
  9. I worked at a nail salon. They paid by cash so we have no information. The girl was very nasty looking, red rashed all over her face and body, but her bf was very clean & ok looking. I wished the police would take it a little bit more serious, like finger-dusting and stuff. I know it's only for bigger crime but this is a huge crime for me. I'm only 19 & a student with part-time job.:crybaby:

    actually she has the nerve to come back again to get her money back but my owner was scared so he locked the door and didn't let her in. Everyone at the salon thinks she's a drug-addict. I really hate my job now.
  10. I am SO sorry this happened! As stated above: Thank goodness you were not hurt. People who do things like that always get theirs.
  11. Awwww this is TERRIBLE!!!! I am so sorry! I don't know what your going through exactly, but I can imagine the pain

  12. I am so sorry this happened to you. I wish I could help you.
  13. Any cameras in your salon?
  14.'s just a nail salon you know. It's thanksgiving week. I just don't understand
  15. Oh my God....That just sucks!! I'm so sorry to hear devastating!!! :cry: