My Louis Vuitton got stolen!!! OH MY GOSH!

May 16, 2007
I'm sorry. The police officer just asked if she was white, and I'd been saying that all day long, her image just stuck in my head of what she did.


*V is for Vintage*
Jun 1, 2007
I cannot tell you enough how sorry I am. That is really terrible news and I would feel the same way if that happened to me. I really hope that somehow they are found along with that nasty person who took them!!!!!!!


Aug 14, 2007
people are so mean these days...i bet she doesnt even know what a "LV" is...but like people said, karma is an a-hole...she will get hers and when she does it will be so much worse...but dont worry about your driver's license...i dont think she could do anything with just your name and address...hopefully.
keep your head up girl!!!!


All That Jazz
May 27, 2006
Midwest, USA
Can they do anything if they have my driver license? about my bank account, i can cancel it on monday and open a new bank account.
Unfortunately yes. Did your DL have your SS#? If not, your odds are better, but a computer with a persons DL is dangerous.

You called the police which was the right thing to do. Go get the police report b/c you may need it. Those 3 links I provided have detailed information on how to place a FA on your credit file. That will prevent them from opening any new accounts in your name. Hang in there! It's going to be OK:yes:

And I would try to call your bank today. Sometimes they are open just for these types of things....I know mine has a 24/7 fraud department
May 16, 2007
Oh no. i don't have my SS # with me. I remember it all the time. Just the driver license & bank account #. That's all I'm worried about. Yeah I went to the police department and report everything. I am LV-less right now.


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Jul 6, 2007
I am so sorry about the theft. Do you have renters or homeowner's insurance? If so you could file a claim through them. Some carriers now include identity theft protection as well. Even if you don't have a policy, if you live with someone who does (parents?) the policy would cover you as a resident of the home. If she has your bank account information you will want to contact your bank asap and have the account frozen and the number changed. Banks are usually on the ball so if she tries to use the account they may contact the police. It will also protect you in case your check book was in the purse so she can't write a check to herself and cash it or if she does, it will be rejected. Lastly, you may want to check with pawn shops in your area. Sometimes people take items like that to a pawn shop and "sell" them. They are supposed to keep records of the people who sell them items and she might use her real information which the police could use to catch her. The only thing that sucks is depending on the laws in your area, you may have to pay to get your stuff back, which is not fair, but sometimes you have no recourse.
Jun 17, 2007
thats really unfortunate, im sorry this happened to you. sadly, as a fellow floridian (in miami) i am well aware of how low-class this place can be. its not even a matter of LV, its a matter of respecting others' and their belongings. for every one person who works hard for what they have, there are 5 others who want things free and easy.


Jun 4, 2006
oh wow... I'm so sorry! *hugs*

Like ronsdiva said, do you have insurance?
I know you're only 19, so you probably don't, but I'm sure your parents do have home insurance and that should work too (or at least for me). I asked once and they said that even if I get robbed outside of our home, eg. in some alleyway, I would still be able to claim my money back... So I hope this'll apply to your insurance company as well... Good luck!