My first reveal - are you ready to be SHOCKED?

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  1. Rose shocking! Gorgy!
  2. Gorgeous!!!! I am also thinking about getting a wallet -- an Azap -- in this color!
  3. Whoa, what a gorgeous Kelly wallet!! Wow!
  4. That wallet is beautiful! Enjoy, and congratulations!
  5. [​IMG]
    Adore Rose Shocking and this wallet is so good-looking! :love:
  6. GORGEOUS....!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I loved your reveal.....You're adorable!
  7. Thanks everyone. I could DEFINITELY get into this reveal thing particularly as it would mean having to buy more H ...

    Ms P, they can be twins - it's far more gorgeous in the flesh, too!

    Mooks, Manchester is small but good; lots of items not on display. Carol and Paul are both excellent, having so far sourced the wallet, a choc togo 30 Birkin and an orange swift 32 Kelly!

  8. What a great wallet!
  9. No let down at all, how could it be when the wallet is that gorgeous! I get it - the title is meant to be a hint of the colour, very clever!
  10. I've been rose shocked! It's beautiful - congratulations!

  11. are you NUTS! no let down--its gorgy!:tup:
  12. That is GORGEOUS!!
  13. Letdown? Are you kidding? She's a beauty... congrats. I love love love the colour... yum.

  14. gorgeous new rose shocking kelly wallet! lol...I like your title too.
  15. Wow!! What a hot little number! You will have so much fun wearing this. Congrats!!!