My first reveal - are you ready to be SHOCKED?

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  1. Your wallet must looking amazing with the chocolate Birkin :drool:
  2. Carol from the Manchester store and I agreed that RS and choc are a GREAT combo!

  3. Great wallet, Kellybirkin!
  4. Love It! Omg I'm very jealous! :sad: this is the EXACT wallet I want!! Is it hard to get??? I haven't even looked into it yet, and I only live 4 blocks from an H store! :lol::lol:
  5. This is really gorgeous - rose shocking is my *fave* for small accessories, and I am loving the Kelly wallet!!!

  6. Love it kellybirkin. I have a Rose Shocking agenda, and the colour is gorgeous.
  7. It's brilliant! Love it.
  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love that wallet. The colour is stunning!!
    It will look fabulous with your chocolate Birkin!
    Great choice.
  9. Congratulations!! Rose Shocking is absolutely lovely! :love::yahoo:
  10. Beautiful wallet.
  11. I really love your wallet too. It's so beautiful in chevre. if I ever considering another H wallet, it will be exactly this same one. Congratulations!!!:tup::tup::heart:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Congrats it's a beautiful wallet!Gorgeous colour!!
  13. YAY!!!!!

    This is gorgeous!!!!
    Great choice, so pretty!!!!!

    Congratulations on your first reveal!
  14. Gorgeous wallet! Great color!
  15. So pretty! Could you also use it as a clutch?