My first reveal - are you ready to be SHOCKED?

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  1. Well, I've been hanging around on this forum for a while now and have truly enjoyed seeing everyone else's goodies (if a times, the excitement was mixed with more than a little envy!) so I've decided to reveal my latest purchase. It feels a bit weired but it's good to share, right (or so my sister always says!)?

    So, here goes and sorry if it's a bit stilted; it's my first time, remember!

    A few weeks ago I posted about the new Kelly wallets. I fell in love on sight and had to have one so thanks to Carol from the Manchester store, here it starts...

    How am I doing as a reveal newbie?
  2. i am really excited but I cannot see your picture!
  3. So far so good. Is there a pic attached?
  4. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  5. I am ready to be shocked! Love your doggies in your avatar...
  6. Darn, is the picture not there? I can see it but...I'm not great with technology sometimes!!!

    How about now?

    1st reveal 1.jpg
  7. Oooo nice sized box :popcorn:
  8. Oooh another striptease. So far so good! Keep it coming!
  9. Ooops, meant to start here...



    Attached Files:

  10. It's gorgeoussss! :heart: Congrats!
  11. She's beautiful .. great color/style combo .. congrats!
  12. Beautiful kelly wallet...congrats!

  13. AAAARGH, you have the exact Kelly Wallet I'm waiting for!!!!!! Rose Shocking Chevre, well done, it's gorgeous!!! I'm ENVIOUS!! LOL!!
  14. Stunning!! Love the colour....did you have fun in the store? I've never been to the Manchester store, is it nice?
  15. Well, I botched that slow reveal! That's it - my Kelly wallet in Rose Shocking chevre. Am in LURVE!!!

    Sorry if it was a let down!