My First Mulberry Handbag!

  1. The bag looks lovely on you!
    i agree with everyone else, a teeny tiny mark can happen at any time and a 30% discount more than makes up for it. I'm a regular Matches shopper as there is a branch 5 minutes from my house (very dangerous when I have to pop out for some milk!) They stock very limited numbers of Mulberry bags each season and most of them end up on display at some point rather than staying wrapped up in the stock room. I saw the Cookie bays on the shelf last week so that might well be the one you got.
    I'd keep it - the oak is such a forgiving colour and you have the bag you live at a good price - congratulations!
  2. Oh cupcake :loveeyes: she is SO beautiful I can't believe I missed your reveal!!!!!

    So glad you got her and are pleased... She is stunning! Welcome to the cookie club :love: and soon you'll have a little matching sister..!

    Absolutely stunning :biggrin: bet ur a happy lady?!? :biggrin:
  3. Meant to add.. The modelling shot is beautiful, you carry her very well.. Bet your excited about work on Monday... Lol

    I wouldn't worry about the mark.. If you can't see it in the mirror I doubt anyone will notice, and she won't stay perfect for ever.. :sad: LOVE the matches box.. May have to order from there!
    Congrats again, beautiful! Xx
  4. Thank you everyone, for your lovely, lovely comments! It's great getting second opinions on here :smile: You're all right that I will get other marks on it.

    Sweetymooth, I probably would have done the same if I'd bought it from the store - I would have gone through all the cookies they had. Your Jubilee oak is beautiful!

    Cat_uk - that's a good you say, they can only say no.

    Thanks again everyone for the lovely comments x
  5. Thank you, Shiny - she is beautiful! I am a very happy lady - she is in my bedroom at the moment as I won't be able to concentrate if she's in front of me but everytime I go in there, I can smell the new leather....mmmmmm!

    I needed a second opinion and the ladies here are so helpful - and you're right, she won't stay perfect forever. I am looking forward to Monday for a change :p
  6. Pleased you've decided to hold on to her and enjoy showing her off on Monday :party:
  7. Oh yum!!! :love:

    Lol maybe that's the key to solving the 'Sunday blues'... By a new bag each weekend so I look forward to showing it off on Monday... :giggles:
  8. Only just seen this oh you look so lovely and smart i love the mod shots def keep her as she is a real feminine bag and suits you to a tee.
    Love the colour of the heels.
  9. Stunning bag! You look fabulous too.
  10. Definitely glad I'm keeping her :smile: I'm going to spend some quality time using Collonil on her now, getting her ready for tomorrow :yahoo:

    Thanks Jan and CPrincess, for the lovely comments :hugs:
  11. Hi Cupcake - absolutely stunning! - sorry for turning up so late to join in the fun!!! - must be more on the ball!! - :love: her
  12. Yep it's def worth buying something from there just for the box!!!...
  13. She is beautiful!! I think the bayswater is definitely next on my list :biggrin:
  14. Thanks Roxaholic and I-Love-Pandora! I didn't take her out today because of the rain - hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

    I have been bitten so badly by Mulberry.

    After obsessively reading this forum, checking (and all the other sites!) all the time and planning my sales purchases for the past six months, I was now afraid I could lose out completely on the other purchase I wanted to make in the sales. Did I want to risk losing out on it completely (if it was still available anywhere) or was I willing to pay full price?

    So after a few phone calls, I located it and headed over there. Anyone want to see? :graucho:
  15. ^ uh...YES!