My First Mulberry Handbag!

  1. Lovely cookie bays! She looks great on you.

    Stuff from matches always comes in the nicest boxes, i use one for keeping my McQueen scarves in.
  2. So then I started looking at the bays in more detail...I noticed it was more wrinkly on the right hand side and the left side was so much smoother, especially on the much as I like my bags to be structured, I knew that this cookie will soften and develop its own patina, so wrinkles will develop anyway.

    It's not so noticeable on the photo....
    Cookie Bays 6.jpg
  3. Ha ha! You noticed that! I had so many comments at work about my nails and my shoes! It's not an exact match but you can't tell. The nail polish is from Avon!
  4. ....and then I noticed a small scratch in the bottom right-hand side on the front. I didn't notice it straight away when I opened the box, but once I started giving the bag a quick (not thorough) once over, I noticed the scratch straight away.

    Considering I had 30% off the full price and Matches have sold out, I am inclined to keep her. What do you guys think?

    I am a little disappointed as I didn't buy her as a sub but if I return her, I might risk not being able to get my hands on her again!
    Cookie Bays 7.jpg Cookie Bays 8.jpg
  5. Congrats on your new cookie, she is beautiful and I love the modelling shots, really suits excellent first buy :smile:
  6. Oh I just noticed the other pics with the mark! It's tough to know what to do, knowing that they've sold out on that website. Is it noticeable from a distance or is it just close up that you can see it? If it something you feel that your eye will always be drawn to then maybe you should return it.....what are your thoughts?
  7. In all honesty comparing the scratch to the size of the stitching - its tiny, try giving it a rub with the dustbag or pop a dab of collonil gel or collonil premium lotion over it as think that should blend it in. I know finding little things wrong with a brand new bag is really disappointing & upsetting, but being oak I'm sure it'll aquire a few other little blemishes & marks so probably wouldn't return it as I'm sure these cookie bags will sell really quickly in the sales so you may risk not being able to get hold of another. Thats just my honest opinion but go with your gut instinct as if it really bothers you every time you look at the bag, you won't enjoy it as much as you should! Hope thats helps a bit! :smile:
  8. I love it!

    I'm sure that you'll get lots of enjoyment out of her... also what brand/shade is that nail varnish? It's gorgeous! x
  9. Yay it arrived! It looks lovely on you.

    Patina, Cupcake! This cow had a few more wrinkles on one side of her than the other. One way i think of it is...would i pay 30 percent more to not have these particular imperfections? 30 percent could buy you the matching wallet...

    But the others are right, only you know if it will drive you crazy. I do see that Cookie is sold out on Matches and Flannels this morning.
  10. Congratulations, she looks lovely and suits you very well!
  11. My gut instinct is very reluctant to let her go, so I'm keeping her! I know I'll be very lucky if I manage to get her again.

    Daisylou - I can't see the mark in the mirror but I can see it at arm's length.

    I had used Collonil leather cream on it and it made it look even darker. I then gently scratched against it and it lightened it and made it less noticable.

    ILuvBags - I haven't heard of the Collonil premium cream - I'll have a look into that. And you're right, as much as I baby all my bags, I will get other marks and blemishes on it over time.

    I've taken her out of her dustbag a couple of times today and everytime, the smell of the leather gets me! I love it!

    I'm going to spend some quality time with her tomorrow and treat her to some Collonil, so she will be ready for taking to work with me on Monday :yahoo:
  12. Thanks, Maisy! It's from Avon and it's called Sea Breeze! I'd never bought from Avon before but a lady at work is an Avon lady, and the prices are so good that I thought I'd give it a go. It was only £2.50! It does initially seem too runny but two coats gives it a lovely colour. This colour on the model in their catalogue doesn't do it justice but I thought at £2.50, I'll give it a shot.

    I bought this one and a deep blue colour to match another pair of shoes I have!
  13. I had a similar experience when i bought my oak union jack bays. I was so excited when i first saw the bag but then started to look closely. I looked at five bags and the leather was totally different in each. All had various imperfections but as the sales assistant told me, it is an animal hide! You will love the bag. Keep it, its beautiful on you xx
  14. Gorgeous bag and agree with others on here who have commented on your nail and matching shoes. I've never thought of matching my nails to my shoes.....going to start and new trend ;)
  15. Lovely bag, and great modelling pics-love your shoes. I think you should keep the bag, the scratch is tiny and she will probably get a few marks along the way anyway. If she already has a small scratch you might be a bit more free with her, if you know what I mean.

    However, I would send an email with a photo of the scratch to the people you got it from, explain you don't want to send it back incase you don't get another but see if they might offer you a further discount. They can only say no........

    Congrats and enjoy!