My first LV bag purchase left me with million questions...

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  1. Got LV Riveting b/c it's the only bag from LV I actually like and sort of frustrated with the experience...

    1. The SA wasn't able to tell me if it was LE or not yet they only had 2 in stock, one sold already, so now they have 0. I only want LE b/c the chance of someone buying one and deconstructing it to make a fake is far less.

    2. No box, no LV documents came with it and the SA told me there is no serial number on the bag??? Excuse me but Gucci, BAlenciaga and everyone else has it.

    3. Someone from a reputable store that also sells LV told me that LV also has factories in China in addition to France... bring a question where was my LV made? I don't pay $2k for stuff made in CHina. Was was that all about?

    Love the bag, hate all that crap around the brand.... and unhelpful service. The gal left my receipt on the table and just left to help another person, what if someone took it? LOL.
  2. Hey welcome to tPF!

    1. WHICH rivet bag? the mono? well...since you said 2K I guess it must be the mono and I think it's a seasonal piece....not 100% sure tho.... but the other LEATHER rivet bag is LE

    2. You need to ask the SA for a box :yes: When I bought my first LV, I was too shy to ask for one, but now I get a box everytime :biggrin:
    Document?....are you referring to the booklet? The lil booklet comes only with LE (so I guess this supports the seasonal theory lol), Vernis, MC...etc. However, you're supposed to get at least 1 rectangular tag
    Serial number....?....You mean datecode? The datecode's inside the bag.

    3. Check inside your bag for the country of says it there. I think this also brings us to the question: doesn't Gucci and Balenciaga say "made in X" inside the bag.........?:rolleyes:
    Also...what kinda reputable store is this? No store is reputable imo unless it has the official Louis Vuitton logo ..................
    LV has no factories in China, just their shopping bags and boxes are made there :yes:
  3. I agree with cec.lv4eva plus one more comment. LV does NOT have a factory in China where they produce bags. You will not find a real lv that says made in china.
  4. Sorry you had bad service, just like anywhere there is good service and bad service. Mono rivits is probably LE, but occasion more can be made. Vuitton does not have serial numbers...if you want a box, just ask.
  5. Congrats on your new bag, I hope you enjoy it! :yes:

    1. I'm sorry the SA couldn't answer your question, she should have found out from someone that knew.

    2. Next time make sure to ask for a box. I personally don't ever want the box...too bulky when carrying it around (shopping after your purchase), plus I'll just throw it away when I get home. I'm not sure what you mean by LV "document", only LE's and special lines come with booklets. All bags should have 2 rectangular "tags" in one of the interior pockets. As for "serial number" she was right, there isn't one. She SHOULD have told you that there is a date code on the inside of the bag.

    3. I'm not sure what store you're referring to, but LV's aren't made in China (someone correct me if I'm wrong). So whoever told you that was misinformed.

    Sorry you had a bad experience. Don't let this deter you from LV...there are plenty of nice SA's, it just might take awhile to find one you like! :yes:
  6. Ok, you guys are making me feel better:smile: She did tell me there is a code inside the bag but she told me I would have to deconstruct the bag to see it. Well, ok, consider this scenario: if I wear a bag for a while and get tired of it and want to sell it, how do I prove it's authentic? My neighbor carries a fake and there is no difference. Hers says "made in France" and she paid a whopping $130 for it. Hello... She has Manhattan GM and that's another LV I like and I would never buy it b/c of my neighbor. So it's important for me to know if my bag is LE. Because if it's not, my neighbor will have it for a whopping $100 bucks in a few months.
  7. I know you may think her fake is the same as your real bag, but I will be surprised if her bag doesn't fall apart soon. OT, buying fakes is illegal and promotes lots of bad things like terrorism and child labor. Hold your real bag up high and be proud of it. Your neighbor is not fooling anybody in the long run. Regarding your date code, it should be along a seam inside the bag, maybe inside a pocket somewhere. You may need a flashlight to see the numbers.
  8. Cecilia:

    Thanks, I am very glad to be here:smile: The bag I got is mono Riveting, not the leather one.

    I purchased it at Macy's LV boutique but the person who told me about factories in CHina works at another store, more high-end than Macy's.

    My neighbors LV bag also says "Made in France" but it's made in Hong Kong and looks identical to LV Manhattan that I looked at the boutique. She is the reason I will never buy Manhattan. 'Cause I can't stand being the idiot who paid almost 2K for a bag that she owns for $100 and change.
  9. Unfortunately any bag can be copied! Trust me, it irritates me that I've spent thousands of dollars on bags that people are buying in China Town for a 100! :cursing: You also have to remember that yours won't fall apart and you'll be enjoying yours for years to come! I think that if you like the bag then you should carry it and be happy. YOU know it's not a fake! :yes:
  10. It is a limited edition. THe ones in the stores are all they will get,there will be no more made.
  11. sorry for the service...congrats on the bag!
  12. Lainie63:

    Are you sure?? It appears like it but the SA didn't know and told me that "they aren't told if the bag is LE"... Well, aren't they told by LV? And why can't they find out for me who just dropped over $2K for it??? I mean, waiters at restaurants bend over backwards for a few dollars in tips and I bet LV girls are making a nice commission on this baby. The least they could do is to find out...grrrrrrrrrrr
  13. Deconstruct???....ya...I forgot to warn ya some SAs are quite clueless themselves lol

    And if you ever decide to sell the bag, just take lotsa pix of the bag: inside, outside, left/right, pockets, receipt ...etc. A real LoVer (whoa...I like will be able to tell the difference, don't worry! :biggrin:
  14. Why worry about fakes and things like that? You bought it from an LV boutique and YOU know yours is real. All that rubbish about China is not true.
  15. ITA!
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