My Ferragamo Exotics

  1. oh wow!! your clutch is gorgeous!
  2. Hi jburgh
    I have the same soft Sofia python in tulipan. Very happy with it. I originally wanted the lime but when I saw the tulipan , I fell for it. Classic color. I became an SF fan since
  3. omg! Your choice for bags rocks!
  4. :faint: wow... just wow... gorgeous handbags..
  5. exotic indeed!!!! enjoy them to the fullest!!!!!!
  6. Simply gorgeuos! Your pictures compel me to get out my black python Marisa. She seldom comes outside her dustbag.
  7. Thank you all for the kind words. I adore Ferragamo exotics. Get them out and wear them!
  8. im literally salivating over your exotics especially the clutch.. thats absolutely stunning!
    any new additions ? :smile:
  9. BEAUTIFUL and thank you for sharing your collection.