My constantly growing collection

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  1. Hey Ladies,

    I've been hanging around here for a little bit and have really enjoyed looking at everyone else's collections. I finally got around to taking pictures of my bags so I could share them with all of you. They aren't the greatest pics ever because I obviously suck as a photographer.

    pic #1
    Isabella Fiore - Mod Squad
    Gucci - Red Shoulder Bag
    Dior - Rasta Boston Bag

    pic #2
    Fendi - Zucchino Mini Mama Baguette - Mandarino

    pic #3
    Marc Jacobs - ipod mini holder
    Cole Haan - Village Mini Pouch
    Marc Jacobs - Cool Clutch
    Kate Spade - Hamilton Julian
    Marc Jacobs - Blake

    pic #4
    LV - Globe Cabas Shopper PM
    LV - Mono Speedy 25
    LV - Ceries Speedy 25
    LV - MC Shirley
    LV - Mono Poche Toilette 15
    LV - Mono Koala Wallet

    pic #5
    Chanel - Cambon Small Tote
    Chloe - Paddington
    Miu Miu

    Attached Files:

  2. Lovely variety! I also really like your table with the underlighting! Perfect for showcasing collections...
  3. Very nice! :biggrin: And well rounded too!
  4. Love your collection (that beige miu miu is interesting) and LOVE your nic! LOL
  5. Wow..very nice in love with your white MIU MIU...its so cute.
  6. Nice nice just hella nice!!! ::thumbs up::
  7. I love your collection! Your LV and the bags in the last picture are fabulous! Thanks for sharing!
  8. of course the bags are great..thats a given..but those tables are GREAT
  9. Excellent collection!
  10. Wow! Awesome collection & I, too, love the tables!
  11. Great collection you have there. I too am loving that white miu miu.
  12. Fabulous collection, I especially like the shirley and the cerises speedy !
  13. Great collection! I really like the Shirley too! Do you use it often and how does it feel? How much can you carry in it?
  14. Nice collection! You have a bit of everything brandwise ;)
  15. i love the shirley! great collection!