my birthday present & birthday cake **pictures**

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  1. Peach,

    Yes, she baked it. My elder sister who also the mother of my 2 lovely nephews (pictures shown as above). She loves to bake me the birthday cake (each year) because she knows that I like to eat cake:drool:...

    She will decorate the cake very beautiful and always with strawberry, my favorite strawberry... :drool:
  2. tryagain,

    I keep coming back to this thread just to look at that cake! (And your pochette too) But your cake is so pretty. Your sister is very talented. Congrats again!
  3. Happy Birthday! What a beautiful bag and a lovely cake!
  4. Happy Birthday and congratulations ^_^
  5. happy birthday! your cake looks so yummy!!
  6. Congrats..cake looks yuummmyyyyy!!! Happy Birthday!
  7. congrats!!! and happy birthday! the cake and pochette look delicious :smile:
  8. Congrats- both the cake and your pochette are lovely!
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. Congrats and Happy Birthday!!
  11. Happy Birthday and congrats!!

    Your cake is making me so hungry though!!:smile:
  12. Dear alpine,

    Thanks. I really proud of my sister, she is really talented.

    I will post some modeling pictures of my pochette acc later in another thread. I really love my pochette acc and I brought it to office today (1st day out)..
  13. Now I am looking the photos, I also feel hungry ...:drool::yahoo:
  14. Happy Birthday! What a yummy looking cake and yummy present to match!
  15. Great purse and Andes Mints Birthday cake! Yumm!
    Happy Belated Birthday!