my birthday present & birthday cake **pictures**

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  1. I just got my birthday present yesterday (28/05/07), my first pochett acc & also my 1st damier. I bought the extender too but I can't buy the accordeon chain because the SA told me that the chain is part of the repair item and consider is a replacement part and would not be sold out separately.

    here is the photo, I will bring "her" go to Hanoi, Vietnam in this coming July.
    I really love damier pochette acc
    with the pretty wrapping paper as background od pic
    the extender
    my birthday present !
    my birthday cake ! sister baked me on 27/05/07, my birthday date.
    strawberry and grapes and walnut, yummy..
  2. to be continued......
  3. Congrats and Happy Birthday!!
  4. Happy Birthday...I guess we're Gemini Twins!! Yee hah!
  5. Happy Birthday!!!
  6. Happy Birthday! I love your pochette and the keyring extender.
    The birthday cake looks beautiful, looks to good to eat!
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. great presents!!!

    and that birthday cake, OMG. looks DELICIOUS!!!!
  9. [​IMG]
    my favorite strawberry, yummy yummy....
    my nephew (the youngest)
    my nephew (the elder one) he loves cake same with me..
    me and my 2 lovely nephews, we were so excited that day... and enjoyed for the cake...
  10. Happy Birthday and congratulations!
  11. happy birthday...and congrats
  12. Happy birthday!! Your sister BAKED that cake? WOW! It's soooo pretty! Congrats on your Damier piece as well! :smile:
  13. thanks for everyone!

    Yes! The cake was very delicious, my sister is very expert in cake baking, she learns the baking course most of the time. I only know how to bake the butter cake.
  14. tryagain,

    what a great birthday! Damier Pochette, beautiful cake, and family. What more could you ask for? Your nephews are so cute. Wear your pochette in good health and thanks for sharing with us.
  15. yay congrats and happy birthday! Love your pochette and extender and your cake is just soo pretty!!!