my birthday present & birthday cake **pictures**

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  1. Happy birthday and Congrats! that cake looks yummy!
  2. love the damier pochette and the cake looks yummy. happy birthday. your nephew is so cute.
  3. how great ! We are Gemini Twins.:yahoo:
  4. Elizabethhk
    Thanks. I love that mints chocolate very much, inside the sponge cake my sister has a lot of walnut, very chunky and tasty....:drool:
  5. makeupmama,

    Thanks. I love both of them. They are some cute but some time a bit naughty. :yes: They only will scare my brother and like to bully my mom all the time...:Push:
  6. Congrats! That cake looks delish!
  7. What a sweet sister you have to make you such a pretty cake and such cute nephews. For my kids and dh actual birthday, I bake a cake just for us to celebrate with at home because it just feels so much more special. I love the mix fruit on top. Congratulations on such a wonderful family and your damier pochette.
  8. Wow! Congrates! Your nephews look very cute! Love the damier pochette and the red lining! Happy belated birthday to you!
  9. ya, I am so lucky to have my sister and my 2 lovely nephews. I love them very much.:heart:
  10. congrats and happy b-day!
  11. Congrats and Happy Birthday! I love the pochette!!
  12. COngrats....and a very happy birthday!!!!!
  13. congrats and happy birthday!! the pochette is pretty and the cake looks yum!
  14. That's a lovely present and a gorgeous cake! Happy birthday!
  15. wow that cake looks delicious!
    congrats on the pochette and happy birthday!