My AWFUL experience at Macy's today.

  1. So my mother and I went to macys and were going to make a purchase with 2 giftcards her friend from NY gave her. (We are in CA) The system was unable to recognize the card so the SA was kind enough to call the number on the back of the card. He found the respective amounts to be $15 and $5.50. He informed us that the card was old (last used 2003) which is why it did not show up and that the manager would be able to issue us a new card for the total amount but that she would not be back until 2 hours later!! He wrote down our information and the amount on each card for us. My mother and I decided to wait it out...

    Three hours later... another manager was there and he went to speak with the original manager we had been waiting for. They claimed they could not find any information on the card. I politely asked them if they would honor the amount that the SA had found on the card when he had called the number 3 hours ago. They refused and pretty much said tough luck!! :rant: :censor:

    When I got home I called the number on the back of the card. The nice girl who picked up said she could not find it but that I should call again as she was not to familiar with the process. I called again another girl was nice enough to tell me the amounts on the card!!!! I told her waht had happened and She informed me that in NY giftcards have expiration dates but most managers would honor them but that "technically" it is up to them. How can BOTH managers at Macys be so incompetent!!?!?!?!?! And to claim the could not find the info. I assume as managers they should be trained well enough to know how to go about this and FIND the amount on the card! Even if they couldnt find it... HELLO... the SA had found it and wrote it down for them!! They were just lazy or simply didn't want to deal with it!!! :rant: It's not the $20 I'm after but more a matter of principle! WE waited THREE HOURS!!!! I'm going to try again now next time now that I have called myself and was able to find the amount on the cards!!

    THIS is why I shop at Nordstroms!!!!
  2. That sucks. It is really not that difficult to solve simple problems such as yours, but for some reason a lot of SA's are just too lazy/rude/stupid to help out.
  3. OMG!! I can't believe that you waited for 3 hours! I had a bad experience w/ Macys' manangers before too & I had to wait a long after closing time, totally incompetent!
  4. In my area, Macys has always been a step below Nordstroms. They were a bit messier, the SA a bit less professional, the store slightly duller.... but THIS difference in customer service is RIDICULOUS!!! What a BIG FAT WASTE OF MY TIME!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Ok. I shouldnt work myself up over something so insignificant. But arghhh!!! People suck sometimes!!!
  5. Macy's sucks. I avoid them as much as I possibly can. The last time I went there was last weekend because my friend had a giftcard and wanted to buy a bag. I was not feeling well the whole time and of course the NINE-FLOOR store only has two bathrooms?? I actually (very embarassingly) got sick when I was there.

    It's always so dirty, disorganized, and SO HARD to get anyone to help you. The way the bags are locked to the display racks is really offputting. Nordstrom is so much better.
  6. HEY~ Your from SF too!!! Ugh! I went to the Stonestown Macys today it was awful!!!
  7. Macy's does suck - too bad they are buying up all of the smaller chains (Burdine's, Sterns, Bon Marche) and changing the name to Macy's. I feel bad you had a bad shopping experience, as shopping is supposed to be a good time, you know.
  8. Stonestown is even worse than Union Square! I don't know what has happened to this company but it is not good.

    My friend got crummy service at the Dooney counter too, the woman did not seem to know much about the bags, and was a little surly, then afterward said "I hope you had an outstanding customer service experience." Yeah, right. You know, saying it doesn't make it true.
  9. Macy's is often a pain in the butt. In my town, the "main" Macys does not have housewares--there's a Macy's Home Store down the street. Anyways, I've learned that they often put stuff on sale online but when you get to the store it's not on sale! I guess and the actual brick and mortar stores are technically different organizations. But the homestore people have always been nice and told me to just bring in the ad and they'll honor the "sale" price and that they'll even match competitor's prices...

    I saw an INC jacket (exclusive to the Federated Department Stores) on sale online, so I printed out the ad, just in case and went to the store. The jacket wasn't on sale and nicely asked if they could pricematch. The manager would NOT price match! :hysteric:

    I explained to her that the home store right down the street does pricematching with their own website. She said "no" because we're not That's ridiculous even if they're technically separate entities since the website is called MACYS.COM and I was in MACYS. She then asked if I had a Macy's card. She said as a "customer service" she'd give me the discount if I'd use my Macy's card. I said that I should be entitled to "customer service" regardless of what card I use! Then she had the nerve to say--why don't you just put it on the Macy's card and then pay the bill right now with your debit card--it's the same thing.

    Let's just say that I'm not a big fan of the store. :censor: Sorry about the rant--didn't mean to hi-jack your thread!
  10. That's asinine. Gap = Nordstrom = I have returned purchases to the Nordstrom store. Bad move, Macy's!
  11. Ugh. Sorry that happened to you. That's very poor customer service in my book!
  12. Oh this gives me chills...we had a dept store get bought out by Macy's awhile back and I've always wondered how the SA's and quality of merchandise would suffer or improve. Eeeesh!
  13. Here in Houston, Foley's is being bought out by Macy's and the one I go to a lot took all of their Coach bags out of the display cases and replaced them with Dooneys (I'm not a Dooney fan). :sad: I asked an SA and she said they aren't selling them anymore. Now what am I going to fawn over on my lunch break?

    I'm with ya'll on the bathroom rant too. I THINK there might be a bathroom in the store, but there are no real signs telling you where it is. I hate that....always having to hunt for bathrooms in department stores and they are usually hidden in a very obscure place with TINY signs like little boys section or over near dishes/bedding department.
  14. that is fing ridiculous

    See even though Macy's has taken over the retail world. They still suck!!!
  15. Macy's has so gone downhill the past few years. Remember back in the day when they were actually quite nice? The ones in my area are now a mess: the employees are insolent, the displays are constantly wrecked, and much of the merchandise is downright poor in quality.