my awesome find! *GOYARD TRUNK, Beauty Case and Suitcase!* Vintage* and Perfect!

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  1. I havent posted on here for a long time, though I really wanted to share, my new find, with people who appreciate these things the way I do. I'm very happy with my find, I feel like I found treasure, my timing was perfect, and I found it here where I live so there was no shipping involved, and I was able to see it and feel it and smell it.
    The person before me had bought it in Holland, and the people before him are unknown, though the first class voyage tickets, with the name 'Miss Nancy May', 'W.A. May' give me a good idea of who owned it, she was well travelled, hotel stickers, and Ship/Steamer stickers on the suitcase, indicate she was in Liverpool England, New York, 'Venezia', Russia, Oslo ?, Sorrento, and a few other places I cant make out.. Their is one sticker from a ship or steamer she travelled on, saying she stayed in a first class stateroom, with the room number, has the sailing date, that says 1953, destination The Ritz Towers in N.Y., and her name. She also has the letters W painted /monogrammed on the suit case, and the beauty case. I think its so interesting. I cant say she owned all three pieces at once, but for sure the suitcase was hers..

    I was originally looking for just a trunk (always looking), the idea that I found a trunk, suitcase and beauty case, blows me away! They're in amazing condition, beautiful patina, the Goyard canvas is also in great shape! the interior of the trunk is amazing still has all of the inserts for packing, and the suitcase has its yellow/orange interior with an insert, the beauty case, has a dull orange interior, the leather straps looped for holding whatever perfume bottles or make up. All the brass hardware and leather trim is in gorgeous condition, considering the age, there is no major water damage spots or anything.. some minor scratches and dents.. but I love every bit of it! It has so much character.
    Ok.. pictures... :yahoo::cloud9::love:
    IMG_1101GOYARD.jpg IMG_1102GOYARD.jpg IMG_1100GOYARD.jpg
  2. What an incredible find! Congrats and you lucky person, enjoy!
  3. Thank you! for commenting! I feel pretty lucky! =)
  4. Amazing finds...... Congrats and thanks for sharing with us!!!
  5. Love them all!! Thank for sharing and big congrats.

    If you have more time would love to see bigger pix and more of the inside.
  6. Thank you! I will make sure to get some more pictures up when I can, of the interior of the suitcase, beauty case, as well as more of the interior of the trunk. The beauty case smells of good cigars with an undertone of wood.. I may use the beauty case, to house my very best perfumes. Its so gorgeous. The trunk is my "Holy Grail", the cases just add to it.
  7. Oh my god. This is incredible. I can only imagine daydreaming about the "May" family and their travels in the early/mid 20th century. Have you tried googling to find out any history?

    I have seen others put protective glass on the trunk and using it as a center piece in your living room. What are you going to do with these?

    Enjoy your beautiful find!!! Amazing!!
  8. Its beautiful and the story behind it makes it even more special....LOVE IT
  9. Wow! What an amazing story. Congratulations on your find! They are gorgeous.
  10. I am leaving the trunk in my living room as a decoration/table.. I am getting a short/low stand for it, and getting a glass top for easy cleaning, and as a protective surface, as I may have company, who just doesnt understand. Even though the trunk has been around years, I dont want to be the one who has someone spill wine on it or something. The suit case will go in my wardrobe, and the beauty case (as I said in another post) right now smells of good cigars/tobacco, with a fine wood undertone, I may just use it to house my best perfumes, it will smell divine! with that nice wood undertone. Its so fun!

    I did try and google the 'Cunard Line' passenger lists! Im daydreaming imagining how many pieces of luggage she took, the clothes, the places she travelled too.. I'm fascinated with all of it! its so romantic. One of the stickers, on the suitcase "Ville D'Este" LAG De Como, Cernobbio. Lake Como, in Italy, the hotel pics I saw online were beautiful. The sticker is lovely, with gold leaf. I'll attach a pic of the sticker right now, and tomorrow I'll take some photographs of the interior, when I have better light. But for now here is the sticker..
  11. Wow... Where did you find this treasure, if I may ask?
  12. I was completely surprised to have found it here in Alberta.. My thinking says I can only find cool things like this in Europe! I would complain to my husband, while looking at pictures of vintage LV trunks online, seeing how all the trunks were in New York, or Europe, somewhere far far away.. I'd say, 'I'm never going to find a vintage trunk'. Let alone a Goyard trunk, I didnt even imagine that! So with that in mind, I dont usually go to antique shops here, that's once in a blue moon, and I dont normally look at auction listings here either, but I did the other day, it was up on Sept 12, I saw it Sept 14th, after a quick consult with my husband, I decided it was time.. My 40th birthday is October 7th.. I had money saved up for whatever fun thing came along (I was considering ordering a bespoke Burberry Coat) .. and then this treasure came up. My timing was perfect. Thanks so much for letting me talk about it, Im so excited, when I woke up this morning I thought I had dreamt it all.. then realized nope! I have my trunk!
  13. Congratulations, truly this is your heirloom that you can pass down to generations.
  14. What an absolutely fabulous find! I've been in the Paris store & can't begin to price what your luggage would be current retail.

    Of course vintage with such patina & background is the true meaning of priceless. Enjoy your new treasures!

    Happy birthday!:party::party:
  15. Awesome!