my awesome find! *GOYARD TRUNK, Beauty Case and Suitcase!* Vintage* and Perfect!

  1. Wow... You are right it is so romantic to imagine the stories behind the cases!
    looking forward to seeing the pictures of the interior!
  2. Wow...what an amazing find and story!! keep us posted with any more interesting facts on the story! :smile:
  3. Thank you!
  4. Ok here is a picture of the interior of the suitcase, its a nice yellow/orange color. There is one tray in this suitcase, and I left it in when I took this pic, its in pretty great shape, the small leather handles on each side of the insert/tray have the brand name Goyard printed on it. As well when the tray is removed the interior of the suitcase, is in perfect shape. Im not sure I captured the color perfectly, its quite nice.

    The other pictures I added were of the trunk interior.. There are three original trays/inserts, that go with the trunk. The top tray has a lot more detail then the other two trays, with separated slots as you can see in the picture. I was happy to see the trays in such good condition, there are some minor (pencil eraser size) spots, no rips in the fabric, and no real odor, but that slight smell of tobacco/cigar. I dont smoke, and am not around anyone who smokes, but I can distinguish between cigar and regular cigarettes. Its not offensive strong, its more like the actual tobacco leaves as apposed to second hand smoke, know what I mean?.. the trays still maintain there integrity, by being strong in shape, with the material and wood, there might be slight sag, or stretch. I believe the material used in the trunk is hemp, you can see the weave in the material, and it gives off a sort of sheen. I removed the top tray in one of the photos, so that you can see the second tray in the trunk, and there the Goyard label is also visible, what I thought was cute was that it has a 5 digit telephone number on the label. heh..

    Just for fun, and for the interior shot of the beautycase, I added a few girly things to test it out! It held some of the make up bottles in place perfectly, and the perfume bottles as well, despite the different shapes. I havent decided what I'll store in the beauty case just yet but just adding a few perfume bottles in the case today, made it look so pretty. I decided to add another picture of the interior of the beauty case, empty, to capture the color better.. compared to the suitcase and trunk, the beauty case seems older, in years, with regards to wear and use they are all about the same..

    I took the pictures with an iPhone 4S, the original picture is larger, but it has to be sized down for TPF.
    IMG_1127Goyard.jpg IMG_1131Goyard.jpg IMG_1130Goyard.jpg IMG_1140Goyard.jpg IMG_1132Goyard.jpg
  5. Wow!!! What a find, absolutely happy for you! These are amazing
  6. I can imagine that once the box were filled with beautiful jewels..aww
    You are so fortunate to find this treasure..
  7. Lovely pix, thanks for posting.
  8. you are so so so fortunate!
  9. Congrats...on your treasure find, I love hearing stories like this.
  10. Incredible find! I hope something like this can come my way at some point! A real piece of history.

    Imagine all the places it's seen.
  11. O.m.g.

  12. What a lovely lovely lovely find Andy!!!! I am SO thrilled for you - the stars really aligned for you!

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing a piece of history with us!! :biggrin:
  13. Thank you for the enthusiasm! I'm happy you are all enjoying the pics, and the story behind it! I can only imagine where its been!

    I still have the trunk and cases sitting in the same spot, because I like looking at them daily! hah..

    I know its not an everyday occurrence, to come across something so precious and irreplaceable, given the 'story' behind it, the age, the Goyard history and value, its not just any trunk! I really do appreciate how things fell into place for me, especially for someone who loves bags and is a bag collector! if and when this kind of thing happens take the opportunity!

    The previous owner had turned around and said 'bye' to the trunk and cases, as we were getting into our vehicle to leave, when he saw that I noticed him, he said 'I felt like I had to say bye, they've been with me for 15-20 years'.. I said dont worry they're going to be loved and well taken care of by me, and then after me, by my daughter, he then smiled and said right on! and then he waved and walked away.. Im just glad.. :biggrin:
  14. I am so envious! Congrats on your amazing find!
  15. OMG - i'm so F%&#ING jealous of you. Nice snags!!!! May I ask, if not too forward, how much the pieces costed you? Don't feel obligated to share if you'd prefer not to - just curious