My 20th birthday surprise!

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  1. Happy 20th Birthday. Congratulations on your lovely presents. :heart:
  2. :drinkup: Happy Birthday!!!

    What lovely gifts. :love:
  3. Happy Birthday and CONGRATS on your lovely gifts!! Your BF is such a sweetie! He's a keeper for sure!
  4. thanks you guys! :shame:
  5. SOunds like you had a fun birthday with nice pressies to celebrate the occassion! Happy Birthday, dear!
  6. Oh WOW!!! Congratulations!! Happy birthday!! I love vert anis it is SOOOO pretty and blue jean, well its just gorgeous, TDF!!!
  7. Happy birthday!! Your BF is quite the keeper, wonderful gifts.
  8. Happy Birthday, Kimalee!! Congrats on your gorgeous gifts!
  9. Happy Birthday, Kimalee and enjoy your time in London. Your bf did an excellent job in picking out colors. I hope to get something in vert anis, someday!
  10. Kimalee - Happy 20th Bday! Sounds like a perfect day from beginning to end! Enjoy!
  11. Happy birthday! What a gorgeous birthday present (and generous boyfriend!)!
  12. Wow, that is so sweet of him, happy birthday!!!
  13. Happy birthday and congratulations on the lovely presents.
  14. Happy birthday, Kimalee!! Congrats on your lovely H goodies and your sweet, thoughtful boyfriend!
  15. Congratulations!!! and Happy Birthday!