My 20th birthday surprise!

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  1. Where to begin? I went down to London about 3 weeks ago to visit my BF (who is working in Chelsea) and stopped in the Hermes boutique on New Bond Street. I saw the loveliest compact Dogon wallet and have been thinking about it ever since. I thought that maybe I'd get it for my 20th birthday, since I'd be in London again for it. (As some of you may have noticed, I made a thread about the wallet, but ultimately decided that I'd hold off for a while since it was quite a bit of money.)

    So finally Saturday the 12th came around and it was my 20th birthday! I went down to London again and had the loveliest time. My BF took me to Paul for breakfast, and then we went to Harrods and went shopping on Sloane Street. Then we saw Avenue Q (which is fantastic by the way) and ate at Nobu for dinner. Then my BF surprised me with my first ever orange boxes!!! Inside was that wallet I've been lusting after - the compact Dogon in blue jean togo! (Can I just say how much I LOVE this color? I think I need a matching bag!) And it came with a friend! I don't know the exact name of it, but my BF thought it would be perfect for me since I love to write (and it has matching green paper lol!) He said he really wanted to get the Lagoon color since he thought it was such a fun color, but the Sloane Street store said it was sold out all over the UK. But I just love the bright green - I think it's called vert anis? Anywho, here are some pictures, one with my white Chanel (another bday gift that wanted to join in the fun lol)! Thanks for letting me share!

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  2. Happy BIRTHDAY! :party:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day and got a wonderful gifts. The Ulysse notebook is so handy and nice to have around, I'm sure you'll put it to plenty of use.:tender:
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMALEE!!! :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  4. fantastic!

    I somehow hoped in my heart of hearts for you to get that wallet kimalee...I knew you saved for it and then with some wise thinking you let go...

    congratulations! it was meant to be...again, happy birthday! :heart:
  5. congrats & happy birthday! your gifts are very lovely! :biggrin:
  6. I think it most definitely was meant to be! And I know that I will have and use it for a long time to come! Thanks for the birthday wishes, ladies!:flowers:
  7. Happy Birthday! :drinkup:

    What wonderful gifts, you must have felt throughly spoilt
  8. kimalee, happy birthday - and what a fantastic day to mark it! I love the way the blue jean pops against the vert anis - your BF is so thoughtful. Enjoy your news goodies and welcome to the orange side!
  9. Happy birthday! That is very sweet of him. Gorgeous wallet.
  10. happy birthday! those sure are lovely presents =) wat a sweet bf.!!
  11. What a sweet story -- happy birthday!
  12. Happy 20th!! You were meant to have that wallet! Congratulations!
  13. Aren't bithdays the best!! Very sweet of your boyfriend to get these goodies for you. Happy birthday!!
  14. Happy Birthday kimalee! Isn't it so precious to receive H gifts from a SO? I got a Ulyssee for my birthday last year too and I love writing in it even more cos of the sentimental value :love:
  15. Happy 20th Birthday to you!!! What a thoughtful BF you have. He really has great taste and chose two awesome items for you!!! I love them both!!!