My 20th birthday surprise!

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  1. Happy Birthday and wow did you get some awesome gifts from your loved ones..
  2. Happy Birthday K! I remember reading your thread about your wallet conundrum. I’m glad your boyfriend was smart enough to buy it for you on your birthday – what a sweetie! Fab gifts – you made out well!!!
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kimalee.
    So glad you got the Dogon Compact, what a lovely thoughtful BF you have.
    Love Blue Jean, and your notebook is gorgeous.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day.
  4. :party:Happy Birthday Kimalee!!!:party:
    Wow what a kind and thoughtful friend! Enjoy all of your beautiful H!
  5. Happy birthday, kimalee!!
    Sounds like you had a smashing time! Since you're hoping for a matching bag, I suggest a BJ Picotin! hahaha, I know you've been lusting after this bag too?
    Anyhow, enjoy them!
  6. Happy B-day!

    I'm glad you got the dogon wallet! But the best of all, you have amazing BF!
  7. Happy Birthday! Fantatic gifts!! Hope you had a wonderful day!
  8. Happy Birthday! That was a lovely story and H is even better when its a gift!
  9. Happy Birthday! Wonderful Presents for you...I hope your day was spectacular~
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMALEE!! And congratulations on such lovely birthday presents! :party:
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and congrats on your lovely wallet and ulysse....the wallet is definitely meant to be for you. enjoy!
  12. Happy Birthday ! Your BF is really sweet to get you such lovely pressies !
  13. Happy Birthday to you! You have some amazing gifts there!!
  14. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! and of course! Congrats!!!!
  15. Aww... what a sweet BF you got there! Happy birthday and enjoy your new treasures!!