Mulberry Elgin vs. Baywater?


Feb 11, 2008
Just bought the baywater in black and totally love it! Dare I say (this is a sin but I'm going to say it anyway) it just feels so much more comfy on your shoulder and crook of arm than a Birkin or Kelly. When I tried them on at Hemres I liked them, when I tried on the baywater I LOVED it. It seems to sit better on the body. And looks just as fab! Dress it up, dress it down, put on a charm, tie ona works with everything!


Plain Jane
Sep 30, 2005
I have both Bayswater & Elgin (both in oak) and I actually use the Bayswater more only because the Elgin is a bit too deep for me (I'm petite).

I use the Bayswater more often although I think the Elgin is not that far off in the whoa! factor...the Elgin actually looks better with blue jeans than the Bays IMHO.


...get a life..TPF !
Oct 4, 2007
I went out for a meal tonight with dh and I got 2 "I love your bag" comments.
This choco Elgin rocks!!!

Mmmm....what do you think its like in Vanilla (Elgin)??

Am I too small 5.3"" , be honest.

I need a vanilla bag and the outlets have lots of Vanilla Elgins at the mo !!

I would love an Annie in Vanilla, but don`t want to be trying for month`s and not getting one ( like with red Mabel!!)

I like these colours they are Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!