Mulberry Elgin vs. Baywater?

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  1. Which mulberry shape do you guys think is cuter, the Elgin or Bayswater?

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  2. The second one, is that the Bayswater ? I'm not really brushed up on my Mulberry !

    The shape of the Elgin just seems like a sloppy copy made in the often imitated mold of the birkin.
  3. I think the Elgin is the "tote" style, #2. I like #2 better--actually thought about checking into it myself... #1 is just too much like a birkin and all the other replicas it's spawned...
  4. yup, first is Bayswater, second is Elgin....

    I don't know...I have to admit I do like the Bayswater after seeing it on Kate


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  5. I like the bayswater. I think it's too different from the Birkin that someone would actuallly mistake it. So for someone who likes the Birkin but can't get it, I would rather go for the bayswater as it's similar to the birkin yet it's unique enough that people will recognise it as a Mulberry in its own right. Besides, the bayswater can be used as a shoulder bag as well.

    As for the elgin, i think it's not bad, not sure if you can carry it on the shoulder. But if you can, I think it will only suit tall people as the bag is a bit long for someone petite!
  6. Muppy, you've been reading some of my thoughts:biggrin:

    Have you seen the oak and choco. colors in person? Does Mulberry make Bays in black, or is it the choco. i've actually been seeing....

    Do you have a mulberry Muppy?

    I hope people would recognize the Bayswater and not classify it as Birkin replica!

  7. I like Kate's bag...wonder if it is black or choco?
  8. It looks black. I've seen the choco and it's a little more matted. Black is a little shinier, like the one in the photo.
  9. It looks black to me there is definitely one made in black???? I haven't seen it around anywhere! Have you? Is the hardware on black gold? Looks like it

  10. :biggrin: I love mulberry and my first 2 designer bags are from them: the araline and the blenheim. I think their quality is excellent! I'm thinking of getting the mulberry as a work bag. Still some way off as I only start work next year, but I'm already planning on what i would carry! I'm kinda deciding between the darwin and the congo leather. the congo leather looks more formal, perhaps even more mature, while the darwin has more of a rugged look. :love:

    I think the bayswater comes in the usual darwin leather colors like oak and chocolate and glazed white now. Although I remember someone mentioning that it comes in black darwin, but it is not in production now. you can get it in black congo though.
  11. ohhh, so there is a black:biggrin: Still not too clear on the difference between Darwin and Congo. what do you mean that the Congo looks "mature" Hmmm, wonder if Kate's bag is Darwin or Congo? Do you have any pics of the Congo material vs. the Darwin?

    Wonder how the Congo black looks....

  12. I think the Araline is a cute bag....what color did you get it in?
  13. The congo looks like some leather made from reptiles, as it has squarish imprints on it, compared to the darwin leather which is smooth. Check their website to have a look. I got the araline in brown. Love it!
  14. ahhh, got it....actually did a quick search and found the congo print on ebay! Reptile-like indeed....i remember seeing a red Baywater congo....I like darwin better though...pretty sure of your araline choco brown?
    thanks for the info:biggrin:

  15. I have a mulberry bayswater in apple green with dark green overlay on it. It is gorgeous but I'm waiting for my "pink" roxanne to arrive before I decide if I am going to keep it or sell it. I plan on posting pictures of all my mulberrys when the last two arrrive and you guys can help me decide. The bayswater is beautiful in person and carries easily on the shoulder or on the arm. The darwin leather makes you feel it will last a lifetime and then some. I think the bayswater is much more distinctive than their tote.