Mulberry Bayswater and Hermes?

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  1. Do you think the Bayswater is good in its own right, or a cheap Hermes replica? I heard some people on another blog dissing the bayswater....I thought the choco. and bronze color was pretty good looking though...

    Yes or no to the bayswater?

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  2. I think the style is too copied.
  3. if only hermes was affordable....(sigh) If I ever shelled out and got one, I would feel so sinful...but heavenly sinful :biggrin:

    I know it looks pretty similar, i don't cute and affordable...but very much the same. Think it would it be lame carrying one of these?

    Some blog said it was the "crude version of hermes...", well yeah, nothing could really ever compare!!!

  4. It is hard for any other maker to make a bag similar to the birkin because that is the bag of all bags.
  5. I hear this being echoed throughout the forum now :biggrin:

  6. I was nay to Bayswater till I saw pics. of it being carried....

    kate and bag

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  7. I'm not a fan of the Bayswater, but that's JMO.
  8. I like it better when I see it carried too!
  9. The Bayswater doesn't really look that much like the Hermes in my opinion. I have the tan color and once you wear it a bunch of times the leather gets vintage-y looking. And the flap is bigger and the straps are longer. But the main difference is that the Bayswater has a more vintage or old-school feel to it.

    The black is just gorgeous; I wish they had had the black when I got mine! I am a big Mulberry fan.
  10. When you say you like the black one, do you mean the black or the choco. I thought I liked the black at first, but realized it was actually the choco I was looking at (as posted in first pic. above). If i'm correct, the black one has a contrast white stitching.,...which I'm not really a fan of. The dark brown has the dark stitching which blends with the bag.....unless there does exist a black one with black
    stitching i'm unaware of.....anyone know?
    Also, I just saw this pic. of a red bayswater on ebay....did the bayswater ever come in this design? I've never seen it.


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  11. Well you guys got me interested. I took a look at the Bayswater and I really like it and don't think of the Birkin at all. To me it stands alone on it's on as a great bag. I ordered the dark chocolate from their web site....thank you very much. 'giggle'
  12. I do think it reminds me of the birkin , however I had not seen the bag on until the pic of kate moss was posted above and it does look great!
  13. I'll post pics when it comes. I have no idea how long it'll take to ship the bag; I've never ordered from them before.
  14. I like the Bayswater bag. It's a modern classic and youthful, but not as "old-ladyish" as the Birkin (which I will definitely get when I'm in my 40's or 50's). ;)
  15. I like the previous seasons Bayswater better than the 2005 version. The ones I've seen in Neimans fail to live up to the pictures...they are smaller and the leather is stiffer than I expected it to be. If I coud find a 2003 Bayswater...I'd be a VERY happy girl!