Modelling YSL Tribute Sandals

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  1. Black patent Tribs IMG_1497118572.077145.jpg IMG_1497118594.048547.jpg
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  3. Very nice!:heart: I have been wanting the black with shorter heels for a long time and I can't believe I found one on sale:biggrin: it's on the way. Soooo happy
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  4. They look great on you, you have great legs!

  5. Thank you!
  6. Hello - everyone's tributes look so beautiful !

    Am thinking of getting a pair of patent ones - i know this may have been covered before - however just want to be sure of the sizing -

    I'm usually 37 in Louboutins - would people recommend the 37 or 37.5 in Patent Tributes ?

    Thanks in advance =)
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  7. I don't have Louboutins, but I'm a 37 (US 7 M) and wear a 37.5 in my Patent Tributes. I'm also a 37.5 in Valentino Rockstud kitten heel and heel. Where are you getting them from? Perhaps you could call the store and tell them your CL size and they'd be able to recommend your Size in the Tribute. Our Nordstrom has both on their floor and staff is knowledgeable. You will love these!
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  8. I wear a 36 or US6 in most brands, but in YSL Tributes (as well as Valentino Rockstuds) I am a 36.5. Hope this helps. ..

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  9. im 38 in rockstuds ,37.5 in CL So Kates and most other CL styles, and 37.5 in the higher heel tributes (patent leather)...which are my absolute fave designer shoe ever. hope that helps!
  10. Questions: are the Tributes 105 still in style? Are they easy to walk in even though they are so high?
  11. Technically platforms haven't been as in fashion for a while, but I still see tonnes of 105's out and about being worn from everyday women to the fashion pack. They are super comfortable and easy to walk in, so I can see why no one is willing to let them go!
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  12. I love mine and will let them go only when they look completely out of style, which they do not at present time!
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  13. Thanks for the replies. I found a bunch of new pairs in my boxes (I guess I hoarded them). Now, to wear each and every one!
  14. I need help with the size guide. Can someone email me on
  15. I wear a 37.5 in louboutin , 37 in valentino & aquazzura. I’m not sure what size to buy in the tribute sandal.