Modelling YSL Tribute Sandals

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  1. LOL Same here. They are so pretty and on top of that comfortable to wear. I had 10 pairs, sold 3 of them on TRR. I have probably use two pair so far, the rest of them are BNIB
  2. YSL are true to size for me. I take 37.5 in YSL, CLB, Valentino. I take 38 for Gucci, Prada and Jimmy Choo.
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  3. Should i buy a 37.5 in Tribute, final?
    My louboutin size is 37.5 however my valentino, aquazzura is 37.
  4. Hi Ash, I just emailed you :smile:
  5. I would say no, but 1/2 a size difference isn't too bad. You could put in an insert. I'm the same size in Valentino as I am in YSL, Louboutin I take half or a full size up.
  6. Are YSL tributes supposed to run small? I am usually a 36.5 in designer shoes (CL, Jimmy Choo, Valentino) and just bought a pair of YSLs in the same size but it was way too small! My heel was hanging over the edge. It fit more like a 35.5 on me. Is this normal for tributes??
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  7. Mine are the same size as my Valentino Rockstud ( a 37.5) which is a half size larger than my mormal size. Some have said they did go a full size up.
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  8. Yes.. I am a true US size 6, 36 in Gucci and Prada but YSL Tributes, Chanel and Louboutin I have to go one half size up to 36.5. Sounds like you will need the Tributes in a 37.
  9. I think the Tributes run a bit small. All my other YSL shoes are 37. I am a 37 in most brands (Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Gianvito Rossi, CL, etc). 37 1/2 in Chanel and 36 1/2 in Sandersons but my Tributes are a 38. I have a bit of space at the front and could have gone for a 37 1/2 but with my foot shape it was a borderline heel overhang...:doh:
  10. Hi Ladies, does anyone here ever try or has the glittered/quartz crystal textured tribute? Do you think they are still as comfy as the regular ones (calf, grained, patent, suede)?

    Below are the pics of the ones with glitters:

    Attached Files:

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  11. LOL. I have about several BNIB too. I've been better about shopping my closet this year and already pulled out a pair to wear recently. I wonder why I waited so long. They are super comfortable!
  12. I haven’t posted here in forever! Me and my s/o being silly while visiting my sister in San Diego

    IMG_2319.jpg IMG_2320.jpg IMG_2321.jpg
  13. For those owning both 75 and 105 styles in the patent leather, are their sizes the same? I have medium/narrow feet according to US standard. My size varies between 34-35 depending on designers.
    Thanks so much!
  14. I tried both on and ended up getting only the 75’s in black patent. However, for reference, I wear the same size (37.5) in both heel heights. I’m a US 7, so I go up a half size in these. Love them!
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  15. Thank you! I own a 75 calfskin (non patent) pair, and now eyeing on the 105 in patent. Seeing the 105 has higher arch I was wondering if I'd need to size down for it.