Modelling YSL Tribute Sandals

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  1. Hi girls,

    I think the YSL Tribute sandals are designwise one of most beautiful and coolest shoes available. You can find many pics with celebs wearing them around the internet but I'm really interested how they look for real.

    If you have 'me in your collection post pics of modelling them here! :wlae:
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  2. i would love to know too! not that i can afford tem, but they are so cool looking!
  3. Cool! A fellow YSL tribute lover!! :yahoo:

    Go for it, ladies!
  4. i wish i had a modeling pic because then that would mean i owned them! i actually wasn't a huge fan of the sandals but i tried them on saturday and fell in love. so comfy and sexy, though if i can ever afford a pair of tributes i'll probably buy the pumps
  5. i can post pics tonight...they are the most comfy heels I own...i think that says a lot...
  6. I have that pair in red! =) I also have them in patent blue, and they are both fantastic. I will try and post some modeling picts.
  7. great thread because these are next on my list I love them!
  8. i have the turquoise suede ones, they are absolutely fab! and might i add super comfy! i'll try to post a picture a little later on
  9. are the more comfortable than the tribute pumps?
  10. I would love a pair but they look hard to walk in. I must try some on. My other fear is being too tall I am already 5'8!
  11. I found them to be much more comfortable, and easier to walk in.
  12. ^thanks!
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    First, major grats for owning them girls! Can't wait to see them!! :yahoo: It would be especially interesting to see them from different angles (straight front, straight back...) since on the red carpet pics you always see them from an isometric top down perspective where the design details aren't noticeable.

    I think they're a design masterpiece. Elegant, sexy and cool. That's rather hard to combine in just ONE shoe. But they succeeded.

    Lauren Conrad wore a blue pair on "The Hills" with some skinny dark pair of jeans once, the most stunnig outfit ever!! :wtf:
  14. here's a couple of pix i took when i first purchased the black suede tributes w/gold trim:


    YSL Tribute 3.jpg YSL Tribute 5.jpg
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    Aweeeeeesome! I consider this a brilliant start for this thread! Tkanks a lot lvpiggy!