Modelling YSL Tribute Sandals

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  1. Are you still loving yours? Do you still wear them with all this new chunk/kitten heels trends?

    I bought my 105 one a month ago and now considering a 75 one.

    Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts?
  2. They are true Classics and they’re very much still “ in”. They look great with most everything...jeans, dresses, pants...I wear the lower heel ones most often. They are so comfortable and effortless. Mine are black patent and I just got them in black leather too.
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  3. I wear mine every spring, summer and early fall. They are still considered "in" and YSL still rolls out seasonal colors. A true classic, they are effortless and I continue to love them and love wearing them.
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  4. They are my go to shoes when I want serious height yet still be comfortable for long stretches of time. Also they're always my alterations shoe when I go to tailor for wide leg or bootcut pants. And they're great with jumpsuits.
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  5. I have 4 pairs and they are my go to for warmer days with just about any outfit (dressy, casual). I’ve never had shoes as high as these that I can wear hours straight with little to no pain. I don’t follow trends and wear what I like, what looks good on me, and what’s most comfortable.

    Saw you returned the rockstuds. Sorry they didn’t work out.
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  6. Thank you for replying! I love rockstuds (own 3 pairs) I only returned those because of the very pale gold color, I’m looking for darker gold.

    By the way have anyone seen this gold? It’s past season but still available in my size..

    E2DD1FFA-B5CA-4211-8EA4-24CEDDB74143.png 02E70D68-F5A5-4C1B-BA3A-9D2D0F6BE10C.jpeg
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  7. Modeling mine
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  8. I haven't seen them in person but they are fabulous!!!